"Knock the Silver Dollar out of the Circle"


When I was 15, I worked at the Barnum and Bailey Circus Sideshow.


I ran an attraction there all summer.


My attraction was a pool table with a circle in the middle. I would put a pool cue ball in the circle and put a silver dollar on top of it.


Then the "sucker" would take another cue ball and try to "knock the silver dollar out of the circle" by hitting it with a second slightly "smaller" cue ball.


It would not work.


The silver dollar always fell into the circle.


I would pocket their money!


Willie would come over and act like he was going to play, while making quite a scene about how "he could do it".


When a crowd had gathered, he would lean forward with the cue stick in his hand, and right before he would shoot, he would pop his eyes out of his head and scare the hell out of everyone.


We had a blast with that gag!


Brad Perkins



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