Al and Jeanie Tomaini


This'll Probably Raise Some Hackles, But I Have To Get It Off...


I have been against abortion of any kind, since I first knew what the word meant. I am sure everyone, by now, is tired of hearing this from me, but as I haven't seen you post before, here goes. I was adopted when I was three months old, my parents had wanted a child for many years. My Mother had given birth to a still born son back in the late thirties. When they found out my birth mother was going to give up her child, when I was born, they wanted me, boy or girl, sick or well. They had me for 4 years before the adoption went through the courts, just so they could prove that they were able to care for a child. And care they did. The first book that I learned to read at a very early age was "The chosen baby". My Mother only went to the 7th grade but was self taught, after being put in an orphans home when her Mother died and her father deserted the family. I had the most wonderful parents in the world. They provided a very comfortable home that was always filled with my friends. I was taught respect for other people, and the value of a dollar. I even learned to count with the change that came in from their work. They adopted my sister Patti, when I was seven. She was 10 months old and had been abandon by her mother, and her father had no way to care for her. Our parents never were able to replace the son that died at birth, but that didn't matter to them. Boys or girls, we were their children. I have been interviewed dozens of times about my parents, and the interviewer always gets to the abortion part. I have taken a stand against it and always will. Just remember some day the persons who do this atrocity and the ones who let them do it, will one day have to stand before God and be judged. In that I find comfort. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you who my parents are. My Dad who died at fifty, was Al Tomaini, an 8'4" Giant and my Mother, his wife, Jeanie Tomaini The worlds only living half-girl. Being born with no legs, she stands only 2'6". She was just last year featured on the TLC "SIDESHOW". So where would my sister and I be now, if my parents were aborted, because the had birth defects. And look how many lives they touched over the years. Shout it from the rooftops, and so will I. DOWN WITH ABORTIONS. If God didn't want them that, they wouldn't have been born.


R.I.P. Rustie


Rusty (Judy Tomaini) Rock


Posted on Slim's Old Digs Sideshow Discussion - March 23, 1998


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