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Here I have a two headed red ear slider turtle for sale. This one is rather unique since it has two little necks that connect into ONE at the shell. I'm not sure on the sex of the turtle. This little one seems to be doing fairly well. The turtle is approx. 2 months old and I've had it for about a month and a half now. With Christmas coming, I need cash badly. I hate to let it go, but having a happy holiday for my family is a little more important.

These are the best pics. I can get as this little one doesn't really like having its photo taken.

New Low Price! The turtle plus overnight shipping with heater packs and insulation, are only $600! I was asking $800, but I need cash badly for my family's Christmas so I am lowering the price.

It is a hatchling size and loves to bask. I have not seen it eat, but it must be eating as it still is active and seems to be having no problems at all. I have seen a few turtle pellets that have been bitten a bit, so I believe they are eating.

There is a very light greyish sort of "dusting" look on the shell. My vet said it's not shell rot and he's not sure what it is. This is how it came to me when I bought it. The greyish coloring does not seem to bother the turtle at all. The pics. don't really show this very well.

In the second pic. you can faintly see where the two little necks connect into one. Sorry my camera is not that good.

Please read all of the terms of sale below. If you do not agree with them, then please do not purchase the turtle. 

TERMS OF SALE: This turtle is offered for sale on a first come, first serve basis. Whoever emails me first and paypal's me the money, gets the turtle. The price for the turtle with overnight DHL shipping included is $600. The turtle will be shipped with heater packs to keep it warm, and will be packed securely with NEW packing materials. I prefer payment by PAYPAL, but a bank money order will suffice. If you plan to pay by money order, please let me know that in your initial email.


If paying by paypal, I ship ONLY to confirmed PAYPAL addresses. If you do not have a confirmed address with paypal, I will not ship the turtle to you. I can not ship to P.O. boxes. A physical address MUST be a confirmed paypal address. If paying by a money order, I will ship to the address you give me, but please NO P.O. Boxes. A physical address only, as this will be shipped via DHL.


Serious inquiries ONLY, please. I ship ONLY within the 48 continental United States. Live Arrival Guaranteed. If there is a problem with the turtle once you receive it, I must be notified within 2 days after arrival. I will ship the first working day after receiving payment. NO REFUNDS unless the turtle arrives D.O.A. If that were to happen, the buyer will be contacted with instructions on returning the turtle. Please know the turtle is your responsibility once you receive it. The buyer will be emailed my phone # for contact. Right now I ONLY accept inquiries via email. Thanks for looking and good luck!


All Inquiries MUST be sent to: . Please include your name, and phone number with the inquiry.



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