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I hope you are not getting tired of my question yet.  I find the things my Uncle's telling me about his visit to Ripley's to be very interesting.  But he didn't take any pictures and was in a hurry when he stopped.  Another interesting tale was about this guy that was balancing on some balls.  In his month he had three or four other smaller balls.  My Uncle thinks they may have been pool balls or something about that size.  Do you know his name, where he is from and what kind of balls they were?   Thanks Carlos Vega, San Antonio Texas.

Carlos, tired, No!  I welcome your questions. Three Ball Charlie was his show name, he was from
Humbolt Nebraska, some information says he worked in the sideshows of the 1950's and 60's.  But there is also a sign on the exhibit that states he was a circus performer in the 1930's.

His claimed to fame was he could put Three-Balls into his mouth (a tennis ball, a cue ball and a golf ball) side by side and whistle at the same time.

Ripley's has a full size display of him doing his act in their Believe or Not! Museum in Buena Park, California.  Not all of the Ripley's Museums have the full size exhibit, but others have a picture of him with the 3 balls in his mouth on display.  When I was there the display showed him balancing on several balls while holding juggling balls in his hands, he also had three smaller balls in his mouth.  A Tennis Ball, Golf Ball and a Pool Ball.  But I don't remember hearing him whistling.  I guess wax figures don't whistle. 
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