Offering on the Midways of the World 60 - 70 Sideshow Attractions Annually



Partial List of 2007 Fairs


Florida State Fair, 2/7-2/18


New Jersey Meadowlands State Fair, 6/21-7/8


Delaware State Fair, 7/19-7/28


New Jersey State Fair, 8/3-8/12


Ohio State Fair, 8/1-8/12


Michigan State Fair, 8/22-9/3


New York State Fair, 8/23-9/3


Maryland State Fair, 8/24-9/3


Oklahoma State Fair, 9/7-9/23


Virginia State Fair, 9/27-10/7


Georgia National Fair, 10/4-10/14


North Carolina State Fair, 10/12-10/21


Four C Productions, Inc. exhibits at 60 to 70 events nationally and internationally each year. Examples are “Museum of World Oddities”, “World’s Smallest Woman”, “World’s Smallest Horse”, “World’s Largest Snake”, and “Snake Girl (illusion)”.  We are proud of our very popular and genuine American style time-honored sideshow attractions for entertaining people of all ages. Our attractions are available for booking world wide. For more information, call toll free 1-800-321-8136. 


The majestic banner line of the “Museum of World Oddities” as seen at the New Jersey Meadowlands State Fair at Giant Stadium Fairgrounds during June 21 and July 8, 2007.


(photograph by Takeshi Yamada)



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