The Smile Ambassadors

(The Only Book About a Two Headed Turtle)


Here is another opportunity to help out Jim Zajichek, Owner and Operator of Big Circus Sideshow. Lori Ballard has a gofund site here, to help out Jim. If that is beyond your budget, or, if you want to do more, here is another opportunity to help out Jim.  It costs no more than a latte.


Zack and Mack, America’s Smile Ambassadors have a new book of their adventures. Zack and Mack are a real, live, two-headed turtle. They know Jim and his turtles, Myrtle and Ertle, and Whitey. They wanted to help out. If your buy their new book, then they will donate all their profits to help out Jim.


Each book sale will generate $2.09 profit, of which 100% will go to Jim.


Come on, you can surely afford three bucks.. And you get an e-book out of,k the deal.


We caught up with Zack and Mack today and they had this to say about that:

Mack: The Smile Ambassadors is a story about how we got lost, then found and the stuff that happens after that.


Zack: Really? Is that all?


Mack: Pretty much so.


Zack: All right, let me do the ‘splaining. The Smile Ambassadors is a wholesome and innocent story suitable for all humans. Little Constance has lost her turtle (us), the whole town and even the President of the United States wants us found. We get to the Maytown Fair and that is where we find Jimmy and met up with Whitey, and Myrtle and Ertle. We become Smile Ambassadors to the world and visit the Queen of England, the Pope and then a real creepy guy called The Potentate. His kid is a real brat. Anyway, Mack and I meet folks around the world making them smile. Then later we are in the Big Turtle race….


Mack: Don’t give away the ending…


Zack: I won’t


Mack: So folks…We know you can spare a few bucks to buy our book and help out Jim Zajichek. Zack will tell you how to do it.


Zack: Okay folks…You need to go here:


Use this download code: SW48R That way you not only get five percent off the low price, but we know that you are buying it to help Jim.

Mack: What if they are out of the country? What if the Queen of England wants a copy.


Zack: Good question Mack. Then go to in your respective country. Type in the title The Smile Ambassadors buy it. We will know that it is for Jim.


Mack: Every little bit helps. Whether you go here (gofund site), or go here ( to buy our book…The thing is, do something today, right now. We gotta get Jim better and back on the road.

Zack: Did we tell you, we have a second book we are working on?


Mack: Yeah, and it features Jim and his sideshow again… You can find out about it at the end of our book The Smile Ambassadors, cause there is a preview…


Zack, Mack, thank you for your pitch. Can we have the keyboard back?


Above Meet Jim Zajicek


So, if you can't afford 20 bucks or so at Jim's gofund site (which is here).


Then we have a deal for you to help Jim here at Sideshow World. If you can afford a cup of coffee.  Then for a special price of $2.84 you can get a copy of the e-book about the adventures of a two-headed turtle.


Out of that, the distributor takes a percentage as well as credit card fee.


That leaves $2.09, which will go to Jim Z.   To help him with his battle to over come cancer.


Mr. Reid will donate all his proceeds from the book to Jim until he's on his feet an on the lot.  


The Smile Ambassadors



You can buy The Smile Ambassadors by following this link at smashwords  use download code SW48R to get five percent off.


Remember you can help.  $2.09, of you purchase price will go to Jim Z.  to help him with his battle to over come cancer.


We are very grateful for your and Mr. Reid's contributions to support Jim Z.



click on above image to learn more about Jeffrey Reid's Book The Smile Ambassadors


Zack and Mack live in the idyllic Gold Country of Northern California.


When we are not busy with our adventures, we like to eat and bask in the warm sun. Of course there is always training for our next turtle race.


Training, training, training, that's all we seem to do these days. Can't we have a break so we can smell the daffodils growing along the fence-line?


Click here to read the interview with Jeffrey Reid



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