I just wanted to share a very nice article by Will Judy about IMMORTALIZED season 1 final episode 8, which I participated. Here is what she wrote.


Tonightís episode of Immortalized is the season finale. Itís been on my DVR for two weeks, much to my bafflement, and Iím sure this says everything we need to know about the showís chances of a second season. You donít randomly broadcast the finale out of sequence on a Monday if you think anyone is watching.


And yet I am still doing this recap, because I am dedicated, medicated, and eager to see who gets to skin and mount Zach Selwyn.


This weekís challenger is Gary Robbins, a normal looking bloke who does all kinds of taxidermy, including comedy. If you have learned nothing from this season, you can say you know that such a thing as comedy taxidermy exists and is practiced openly in Hollywood. Gary also says he worked on True Blood, which occasions a thousand-yard stare reaction from poor, broken Zach.


Gary will take on Takeshi Yamada, the man they clearly built this show around. Takeshi and Paul Rhymer are the Adam and Jamie of this bizarre enterprise. After this, I see them doing a cross-country road show, much like Santino Rice and Austin Scarlett did after their season on Project Runway.


I can dream. The secret ingredient is: Heaven and Hell, because everyone loves post-Ozzy Black Sabbath.


The home visits begin with Gary wheeling a bear around downtown Los Angeles for reasons unknown, and Takeshi expounding about art, risk-taking, and blowing minds. Gary intends to keep it light. So, six-eyed goat mermaid chimera versus Stuart Little sunday school diorama.


We get some nuts & bolts taxidermy as well, with Takeshi shaving his goat and Gary delicately scalpelling his wee mousie, and adding hats and horns and such.



Crate time is the usual high drama, with glue guns, dry ice, and Takeshi kindly warning his creation before schpritzing it with water. Takeshi also appears to have stuffed a pterodactyl, which will certainly put him in violation of Zachís stern edict about endangered species.


Garyís piece looks like a cake, and not in a good way. Itís a bit like squirrel manís Viet Nam piece, only without the charm and pathos and apparent skill level. Takeshi is gracious in his assessment, and Gary is oddly condescending for a man who put a cowboy hat on a mouse for us.


Takeshi references a Buddhist sutra for the judges, and rips a nice SHAZAM. Questioned on his piece, he is confident and f#@&$UB= crazy. The camera work, as usual, fails to give us a comprehensive view of all the elements, though it is possible the camera operator was too freaked out to put in the time to properly capture the six-eyed goat with itís host of flying lizards.



The judges all hate Garyís piece and love Takeshiís. And seriously, Garyís piece is fucking terrible, and the judges donít hold back much. Takeshi wins by a nearly 2-1 margin, SHAZAM indeed.


And this is it, I suppose. We can all go back to our dull, taxidermy-free lives. Zach will be released into the wild unharmed, Takeshi will resume his demented beachcombing, Beth will go back to stuffing neighborhood kitties. Page will feed his duckies, Dave will clipper off that dopey pink mohawk. And we will wait to see if AMC takes a chance on a second season. Stranger things have happened.




above photos are from AMC website.


PS. Here is the spoiler video featuring the last 3 minutes of the episode in AMC official website.




PPS. I became the Grand Champion Immortalizer with the two highest scores for season 1, AMC television unscripted series Immortalized. Thank you very much for your support and help!


Dr. Takeshi Yamada, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY


Submitted by Dr. Takeshi Yamada

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