The Wolf Boy  which Pat bought new (circa 1963 or 64) years and years ago.  He also has include scans of his original catalog from which he ordered the figure from for only $15.  He has been in a baby casket ever since and is in perfect condition.











I saw my first Tate figure in the possession of old-time showman Ted LaVelda (I forget his real name) on a show out of Hugo, Oklahoma around 1962 or '63.  I think it was Clark and Walters Circus, but I couldn't swear to it.  The show had come close enough to Minneapolis so that my dad drove us over to Wisconsin to see it.  Dad still is an avid circus fan.  His interest was sparked through his uncle Sumner Peterson who had had some sort of office job with Ringling back in the '30's.  "Uncle Sonny" was good friends with the likes of Lillian Lietzel, Alfredo Codona, Etc.


Anyway, on this little mud show Ted LaVelda had the sideshow and was exhibiting "The Little Man From Mars" as the blowoff.  It was the Tate figure, so named, and he was in a little wooden box with a glass top on it.  Needless to say, it made an impression on me!  After the show, during tear down, my dad and I were talking to Ted (my dad knew EVERYONE and talked to one and all!) and Ted opened the trunk of his car to show me the little guy again.


Some years later there was a small 10-in-1 at the Steele County Fair in Owatonna, Minnesota wherein the lecturer (don't ask me who...his identity has evaporated like the smoke plumes emanating from the fire-eater's mouth.  I only recall him as the archetypical seedy 'Kee-a-zarney', with all of the phony dignity of a Frank Morgan character from the '30's. ) had a Devil's Child in the blowoff.


My dad, being the avid circus fan and president of the Minnesota CFA Top, subscribed to the old Amusement Business Magazine.  I used to memorize the darn thing and read the print right off of the pages, especially the classifieds.  Tate's had an ad in the AB, so I sent for the catalog, pored over it for ages upon ages, and finally decided I could spring for $15.00 to purchase the Wolf Boy.


I named him Ignatz, and he has been a part of the family ever since.  And I cannot believe it has been 47 years!


The Circular No. 8 was included as an insert inside the Circular No. 7.


Pat Davison










 Images & Circular courtesy of Pat Davison

 Photograph  Tate's "Circular No. 7 and Circular No. 8"



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