Circus snake charmer, Carmen, makes pets out of the nastiest of reptiles.  Her playmates weigh as much as 100 pounds, with a ten-foot length, but she teases them without and worries.


Photo's snake-charmer editor queried the Ringling Brothers Circus for information about one of its sideshow standby-items.  A woman snake charmer, named Carmen.


Information received, highlighted the fact that Carmen is apt to wear her big python snakes like jewelry, and never know the difference.


That's a rarity.  It would even be more rare if we could repeated that a jewel thief make the same mistake.


Carmen is an expert at letting the-foot pythons twine around her and slither playfully but convincingly enough around her shoulders.


These thins weigh 100 pounds.



1- CARMEN of Ringling Brothers Circus tries to get one of her pets to strike out at her.  A stranger, not holding snake, would succeed.


2- PYTHON is not averse to Carmen's cooing at him.  He is at point of being thoroughly in a trance by the sound of her soft-toned voice.



Senorita Carmen - Ringling Bros Sideshow - Snake Trainer


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