American Museum and Gardens, P. T. Barnum, manager - Every Day and Evening this Week, commencing on Monday, June 27. Best attraction in the City!  Day visitors admitted the same evening FREE.


INCREASED NOVELTIES, By percolation of the United States Government, the head of

VENDOVI, THE CANNIBAL CHIEF from the Fejee Islands has been deposited in the Museum for public exhibition, for one week only.  It is a true and exact cast of the sailor-eating chief, taken by order of the government, by Thomas Holmes, Esq., the celebrated artist of this city.


Mr. BOYCE, the comic melodist;  Mr. BROOKS, the unrivalled dancer; Miss ROSALIE, the charming Danseurs, are engaged. 


One week more of THE INDUSTRIOUS FLEAS- These insects have been trained by Mr. G. Weiss from Germany who has learned them to be harnessed to carriages  and other vehicles, which they will draw with as much docility and precision as common cart horses.


The mysterious GIPSEY GIRL; can be privately consulted as an oracle or foreteller of future events, throughout the day.  Albino Lady.


SPLENDID GARDEN ON THE TOP OF THE MUSEUM, and the adjoining building on Broadway. covering am area pf 7,000 square feet.




FOURTH OF JULY; - Magnificent preparations are making for the celebration of our National Independence.


Admittance to the whole 25 cents; Children half price.


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