History - Born in London, England, February 6 1907.  Was brought to the United State two years later.  Parents both healthy and normal.

Three brothers all normal.  No sisters. Was the youngest child, the nearest brother being ten years older than Jerry-Ann.  Educated privately.

Is highly intelligent. No indication of mental deficiency.

SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION and Intimate Details regarding Sex Life - Hermaphrodism (the blending of both the male and female characteristics in one body) although very rare, has long been known and recognized, even by the ancients, references being found in the old Greek mythology, and instances on record where they were used as idols in religious worship.

But, as yet, no reliable scientific explanation has been made for these unusual cases.  Theories have been advanced, varying from superstitious beliefs that the Creator endowed certain individuals with supernatural power by incorporating both the male and female in the same body, to birthmark, in which it is supposed that the mother, or both parents, at the time of the child's conception and during pregnancy, had intensely desired a boy, or a girl, as the case may be; and nature intending otherwise, the result was hermaphrodite.  The latter theory could readily be applied to the case of Jerry-Ann.

At the time of conception, the mother was nearly forty years of age, and she realizing this world probably be the last child she would bear, and the fact that all of her other children had been boys, there is no doubt that the desire to have a daughter was very strong in her mind. 


However, leading authorities discourage the idea of birthmark, so you have the privilege of accepting it or formulate your own theory to explain this odd condition.  The duo-sexuality of Jerry-Ann was noticed at birth, but because of sensitivity on the mother's part, the secret was carefully guarded by the family for a number of years.  Jerry-Ann grew up apparently as an ordinary normal girl.  But around the age of twelve (the adolescent period) it was noticed the male genitals were becoming quite prominent (although these organs did not function, then nor any time later).  There was a noticeable deepening of the voice, and the right side was growing out of proportion with the other, tending to become masculine, while the left reside developing as a normal female. 


The case was finally placed in the hands of physicians and caused widespread interest and discussion in medical circles.  Finally it was decided nothing could be done to remedy this strange condition.

Jerry-Ann was pronounced a true hermaphrodite and had to remain that was the remainder of his, or her, natural life.




A Few Questions Answered


How do you dress for the street?  Am permitted to dress in either male or female attire.

Prefer female dress but find it more convenient in traveling to dress as a man.

Are you unhappy?

No, not at the present time.  I was when I first realized my condition, but after becoming accustomed to this, I decided to take things philosophically and I find a great deal of enjoyment in life.

Can you ever marry and bear children?

No this would be physically impossible.

Do you have the use of both the male and female genitals?

Only the female organ functions normally, and the generative part of that is not fully developed.

What is your greatest ambition?

To be a movie star - a Greta Garbo and Clark Gable both in one.

                                                                                     I thanks you.

                                                                  Jerry Ann   







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