Before you read the story of my life, I wish to make a statement that perhaps very few of you really know.  And that is -


Every child, from the time of conception to the age of nine weeks, is double or no sexed, being both male and female in the one body.  Then the weaker sexes lies dormant and the stronger sex comes to the fore to developed, and determine the sex of the child at birth.


It would be logical for me to say then, that in my particular case, both sexes being strong, they both were predominant at birth.





There are many question asked of and about, and my condition.  I shall in a general attempt to answer them herein.  However, I shall first touch upon the double sex problem.


HERMAPHRODITE, as it is called is defined in the Standard Dictionary as "That which sexual characteristics of both male and female in the same body."


Some writers claim that ADAM was the first HERMAPHRODITE, and support this by all evidence.


In some of the ancient poets we find traces of an Egyptian Legend in which the goddess of the Moon was both male and female.


According to Mythology, Hermaphroditus was the son of Hermes and Aphrodite, and that he had the powers of both father and mother.


Ovid and Virgil both refer to legendary hermaphrodites, and the knowledge of their existence was prevalent in olden times.




Reputable physicians in late years have reported cases where the person involved believed him or herself to be a man or a woman, until middle life, when the opposite sex asserted itself within the same body.


Catherine or Charles Hoffman, born in Germany, in 1824, was considered a female until the age of 46.  She married a woman and lived happily with her for some years.


Marie Madeline LeFort of France believed herself to be a woman for many years, and in 1864 came to the Hotel Dieu asking treatment for Pleurisy.  At that time she or he was about 65 years of age, but presented the appearance of a venerable old man with a long white beard.  After two months this patient died.  An autopsy was held and the essentials of both sexes were then discovered in that same body.


Adelide Preville was married as a female and lived as such.  The last ten years of her life were spent in France.  When dead, the body was discovered to be that of a man and a woman.


Many interesting questions arise and extraordinary complications occur thus leaving much yet to be discussed legally and socially as to this condition we call Hermaphroditism.


Mother nature knows no right, she knows no wrong, yet furnishes enough marvels to set one thinking.  The marvelous is the unusual, yet that which is unusual is not necessarily miraculous.  The real wonder is that people exist at all, and in the face of mother nature's great performance of miracles, ordinary freakdom pales into insignificance.




I was born in San Francisco, California, in 1912 of normal parentage, being the youngest of our children having one sister who was like myself.  She lived to the age of twelve years when an operation was performed to remove the male sex organ of her body, blood poisoning set up and took her life.  I was an eight months child, and weighed twenty pounds at birth.  My Mother died at my birth never knowing my condition.



Many persons have offered me their sympathy, which I appreciate the spirit in which it is given, I don not seek it, as I'm well and happy, and after all that is all that really matters.


I can legally be married to either a man or a woman anywhere in the country and have had many chances to do so, but as yet have never considered it.  I am afraid I would be a terrible disappointment to a woman and much more so to a man.


I must go through life childless as I could never conceive and carry a child the full length time due to formation of the male sex of my body.


My dress is female as my life is that of a woman.  I maintain a male wardrobe for my own amusement, and to appear once in a while in it to escape public detection.


I thank you kindly,




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