My Condition Has Baffled All


Medical Society


Below is shown a Doctor's Plate Showing Genital of a True Humane Hermaphrodite.

F, UT, rudimentary Fallopian Tube and uterus; O, well-developed ovary with Graafian follicles; A, divided serotum (apparently);  T, testis, which was crytorchid; UR, opening of urethra at base of penis, the condition was called hypospadias.

(After Young and Davis).  From "The Science of Human Reproduction," by H. M. Parshley, Se. D.


Published by W. W. Norton Inc.


It would be impossible for me to show a nude sex expose, so that above diagram shows you how the sexes are formed.


Most doctors declare that before my birth I was intended for twins.


I thank you for being interested enough to come and see my condition.





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