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Note: - The photograph at the left has been arranged expressly to provide a convenient and effective way for readers of this pamphlet to study at  leisure the astounding differences between the two sides of Zinida Zan's physique.  As folded, the front cover shows the female side: open the pamphlet and discover how harmoniously nature has blended these tow seemingly incongruous halves into one alluring human body,

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Coney Island, N.Y.


                  Exhibition Exactly as Above




ZINIEA ZAN’s exhibition is offered, not as a deception but as an Interesting and mystifying revelation of the most unusual Physiques in the world.  By “Half woman Half man” it is meant that Zinida Zan has been endowed by nature in equal degree with the external physical characteristics of both sexes.   View the two sides of Zinida’s body separately: the right side is perfect in form as a woman to the smallest detail: The left side, equally convincing, is that of a man.


It is not claimed that Zinida Zan is organically of both sexes.  The means of bringing the exhibition closer to the mind’s delight by classing that Zinida has the power of both father and mother has not been removed so - as it has been in others.


These legendary creatures exist only in "Story Books 'the it has been alleged (New Standard Dictionary) that two cases of these Hermaphrodite (i.e. double sex) are known in man".  However, all other authorities agree that "such monstrosities are really of one sex or the other, but are generally imperfectly developed in respect to either. (Century Thrs., vol. 3)


Besides the abnormalities which are so strikingly apparent in Zinida Zan's body, there are others fully an amazing if not so apparent.  Furthermost, is the heavy growth of beard on the left side of the face, chest and limbs.  Personal examination is permitted after each exhibition to dismiss the suspicion that this might be merely some trick it shaving.  There is also a predominance difference in texture on the hair.


And further, what some many consider Zinida Zan's provoking two voices: soprano and baritone" not a straining falsetto and a throaty rumble but each voices is full bodied. natural and musical.


Zinida Zan is well educated, has travelled widely, and prefers to demonstrate personally, at first hand and without the aid of a lecturer, the world's only dual sexed physique.







Now that you have seen my exhibition, perhaps you will be interested in a brief autobiography: I was born 29 years ago in Poland, in the city of Karnick of normal Polish parentage.  The earliest indication of abnormality in my body was the congenital appearance of a beard growth on the left side of my face and chest.  As I grew a most astonishing phenomenon occurred:  there developed a very noticeable and alarming lack of symmetry in the two sides of my body.  By maturity however the facts had become plain enough:  the left side of my body from the contour of the face, the flat chest, the heavy limbs, the large bone, etc. bore every evidence of being that of a man: the right of a woman.  Physicians and I believe that I have been examined by more of them all over the world than any other person that ever lived-with the exception of the original Siamese twins.  I have been as a hoax to account for this strange prank of nature.  The general assumption has been that she originally intended me to be a twin, but that abnormality have taken place some abnormal and improper division of cells in embryo. 


However I am not the organically the conception of the legendary god.  Hermaphrodite, who so it was believed to posse the power of both father and mother.


This is my nineteenth year before the public.  Of late the number of those who have the title "Half Woman Half Man seems to be increasing most alarmingly Concerning my exhibition, I should only like to mention I employ no artificial methods observers demonstration in the flesh, and that personal examination by the ladies or the medical profession is freely invited.





Dr. Roy L. Dodge, Omaha Neb.:  "A truly interesting case.  I read about Zinida Zan in a medical journal some years ago when she was appearing in Europe.  Never dreamed I should have the opportunity of seeing her here in this city.


Dr Chas Terrace, Detroit Mich :  "Zinida Zan's physical development is unique.  I have never seen anything even approaching her case.  Here exhibition are possibly of value to the general public, but of undoubted interest to the practitioner.


Dr. H. Kaha, Chicago Ill "  "I have no hesitancy in saying that I consider your condition one of the most extraordinary things that has come to my notice.  And your presentation is very effective and in good taste."


Dr. M. E. Crabill. Crabill Sanitarium. Chicago: "Zinida Zan's is the first case of it kind that I have actually seen.  I have heard of others, but mostly in the long ago."


Dr. Bibble Miners Hospital Ashland Pa.:  "The condition of Zinida Zan and what causes prompted it puzzles me greatly.  Her apparent good health and normal mentality puzzle me too.  And some of nature's puzzles are hard to solve."


Dr. Arthur Christiansen, Osteopathic Hospital Chicago:  "A perfect double physique.  The title of "Half woman Half man is certainly applicable here."



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