I was born in France, on November 4th, in the year of 1899, of French parentage, and raised in Constantinople, Turkey.  On the day of my birth, the physicians were in a quandary as to my sex, not knowing whether I was a male or female.  As this condition created such a sensation at the time, the French hospital made an agreement with my family for the purchase of my body after my death, for the purpose of scientific research.




Before my birth, there were four daughters in the family.  As my mother greatly desired the birth of a son, I was dressed as a boy until I reached the age of twelve years, and always went to the boys’ classes at school until this age.  While mingling with the boys in all their activities, the feminine condition would always assert itself in my general actions.


When I reached the age of thirteen, my entire life took on a complete change.  One sides of the body started to develop just like a woman, while the other side developed with every sign of the male. When this condition became known, it added to the sensation created at the time of my birth. Not only was it discovered that I was double sexed, but doubled bodied as well.


Naturally you are interested in knowing my mode of dressing at the present time.  Sometimes I am dressed as a man, while at times I dress as a woman.  The facial condition varies most decidedly.  On the female side, I have the high check bone and the teeth are shaped as those in  a female.  On the opposite side I have the condition as one would find it in the male.  My arm and leg on the female side of the body are two inches shorter than those on the male side, the male side being very muscular and hairy.  The female side is exceedingly supple, as one would expect in the sex.



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