The Jersey Lily

The Life of Miss Lucy Moore


Professional Fat Folk were regulars on the carnival and 'freak show' scene of Nineteenth Century America.  She was born in Lexington, Kentucky in the US of a white Englishman and a American black woman. She was born a normal size but weighed 100lbs at 12 months, 15 stone 4 lbs at the age of ten and so on, up to her weight at the time of the pamphlet at 40 stone and 7lbs. I have seen postcards of her on which her weight is given as up to 48 stone.


From the age of 17 she was 'on exhibition' first with Avery's Museum in Cincinnati and then on tour in Europe, particularly in Germany the UK where she, of course, caused a 'sensation' and 'appeared on several occasions before Royalty; She was said to travel with her own bedroom and living room suite.


"In a good many cases of fat people, you find the flesh soft and flabby, cause by disease - dropsy being the most common complaint. If you have not noticed the solidity and firmness of Miss Moore's flesh, pay a return visit and convince yourself that she is in reality a mountain of solid humanity"


She is billed here as 'The Jersey Lily'  she was also known as Alma Moore and that her real name was Anna Chelton.  According to this pamphlet all we know is that she is 20 or older at the time of publication and that her first visit to the UK took place in 1898 around the time she was somewhere between 17-19. Her birth is put at about 1880.


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