Escapology is the practice of escaping from restraints or other traps. Escapologists (also called escape artists) escape from handcuffs, straitjackets, cages, steel boxes, barrels, bags, burning buildings, fish-tanks, and other perils, often in combination.


Some escapologists' tricks are accomplished by illusionists' techniques; others are genuine acts of flexibility, strength and daring....Wikipedia










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Poster &  Men


19th Century View of Fords

with Photos and Cuff Display

Close up of Handcuffs

Close up of Handcuffs

New Sensation the Climax

Miss Dot Escaping from a Locked and Air Tight Tank

The Most Sensational Feat

of Modern History

Stage Setup


The Fords

Handcuffed & Chained

Mr. Ford

Close-up Lock Down

Mr. Ford in Cell

With Hand & Leg Cuffs

Mr. Ford Chained and Cuffed

Full View of Mr. Ford

Images Escape Artist

Handcuff Marvel

John Hudson

Jim Rose

Duke Alphonse




FB Cirks Salamandra

Norman Bigelow

Tom Jack



Images of Harry Houdini















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Prof Moreau Handcuff King

Human Bird

The Art of Escapology


Grim Game Lobby Cards


The Amazing Randi

A New Underwater Escape

State Fair Daredevils Get Their Kicks Taunting Death

Houdini Famous Magician Dead

Passed Away

Final Houdini Seance in 1939

The Cowboy Wonder

Houdini's Grave Vandalized

Belle Isle Bridge in 1906




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Images courtesy of  Will Leighton








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