Almost every person who has visited New York City during the past eight years has seen the monster Elephant at Coney Island, N. Y.  Its immense proportions are visible for miles from the beach, and it has been accepted as a work of art and mechanical genius, as well as one of great financial success.


Two Elephants only were ever built, the first at Atlantic City, N.J., being 44 feet high, the second at Sea Beach Palace, Coney Island, N. Y., 100 feet high.


The great success of both has encouraged the building of another to be exhibited at Chicago, Ills., during the World's Fair Exposition, upon a more elaborate scale, and for this purpose new plans are now finished ready to commence work. It is intended to have the Elephant 125 feet high to the back, and 200 feet to the top of "Howdah" or observatory, from which a grand view can be had for miles.


The additional feature beyond the increase of size over any yet attempted, and also of great importance and attractiveness, is the fact, that when this Elephant is finished, IT WILL RAISE ITS TRUNK PERPENDICULARLY, ROLL ITS GREAT EYEBALLS, FLAP ITS EARS AND WAG ITS TAIL as naturally as a live elephant, at the will of the builder.


This Colossal Animal will also have a monstrous Electric Caliope Organ in his throat, and roar like an elephant, also play tunes.


In the interior of the elephant there will be two floors, one will be used as  a main hall for grand promenade and dancing room, with a gallery around it, and spaces to rent for booths.  The other floor, (the stomach room) will be used as a Restaurant and Cafe, making the inside of this colossal animal exceedingly attractive as well as a source of LARGE REVENUE.


The entrance and exit to these floors, as well as to the immense "Howdah" on the elephant's back, will be reached by an elevator, on either side in the fore limbs, and will also be reached by a stairway in the hind legs.  The entire elephant building will be ventilated by over 100 windows, and illuminated by electric lights.  It will take six months to build, and cost something over a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS.  Upon completion, it will be a most substantial, as well as a remarkable piece of mechanical workmanship.


The Colossus of Architecture is the mechanical genius of Mr. J. Mason Kirby, of Brooklyn, N. Y., the only person WHO EVER BUILT OR CAN build, an elephant building.


The Press states that there will be 32,000,000 people visit the Columbian Exposition, and there is no question of doubt, that at least 25% of these people will visit the Elephant, which is designed to be erected just outside of the Exposition Buildings; if, therefore, 8,000,000 pay respects to the Elephant at a cost of 25 cents each, the returns would be from the source alone $2,000,000.


We think we can stop figuring profits at this point, and let the READER of this circular COMPUTE the RETURNS of some of the additional sources of REVENUE, such as 60 booths that will be for rent under the elephant, that will bring returns of at least $30,000, also rent spaces inside the elephant, say $25,000, advertising spaces upon fifty square feet of canvas upon four sides of the "Howdah," with constant electric light flashes thrown upon them, making it one of the most valuable of advertising mediums and will be worth to the company not less that $300,000; right of Soda Fountains $10,000, right of Segar Stands, $10,000, and the selling of Photographs of the Elephant in all its grandeur, at 25 cents each will still build the amount of an additional $200,000, and many other sources of profit not named, then figure the likely result to themselves by investing in some of the Colossal Elephant Co.'s Stock.


The Elephant and plant will be insured against fire, and there is no question of a return of at least 300% dividends upon the capital stock of the company.




is organized under the laws of the State of Illinois, with a capital stock of


$ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 .


full paid and non-assessable.  Stockholders will have no personal liability whatever.  Stock will be divided into 10,000 shares at a par value of $50 each.  3,000 shares will be made Preferred stock and the balance, (7,000) will be Common stock.


The Preferred stock will be entitled to a preferred dividend of 8% per annum payable semi-annually.


The Common stock will be entitled to a dividend of 25% per annum, payable after payment of the dividend upon the preferred stock.  The preferred stock also participates in the further division of the profits, pro rata with the common stock, after the provision of 10% per annum has been carried to surplus fund, and the 25% has been paid the common stock, thus making the buyers of Preferred stock not only perfectly safe, but enabling such buyers to enjoy large profits with the holders of common stock, with comparatively no risk.

The Colossal Elephant Company offer sale at par,




500      "       "      COMMON STOCK,


upon the following terms :



$50.00 PER  SHARES,



10%  upon subscription.


30% thirty days thereafter.


30% sixty days from subscription.


30% ninety days from subscription,


at  which time a full paid share or shares will be delivered.  The non-payment of the second installment may operate as a forfeit of the previous payment.


Any purchaser of a block of 100 shares of preferred stock will receive 25 shares of common stock as BONUS, for each BLOCK so purchased.


Subscription books will be opened August 1st, 1892, and close ON OR BEFORE September 1st at the office of the company, 133 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ills., and at the office of Geo. H. Benton & Co., 18 Wall Street, New York City.

Respectfully yours,





                                    PRESIDENT,             SEC'Y & TREASURER.



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