Bailey Bros Circus Sideshow circa 1948


Were Eko and Iko really savages? Cannibals? Ambassadors from Mars?


Were the light-skinned brothers black or white?


Sometimes, the brothers would do as they had throughout their careers: They would oblige the curious.


The gawkers were disappointed. Those who did see Eko and Iko -- the names bestowed upon the brothers by sideshow promoters -- didn't gaze upon the fearsome creatures they'd heard about -- savages with wild hair and tribal loincloths.


Instead, in their place stood two men. Willie Muse, 68, and George Muse, 71.


Old men, retired from the circus after more than 60 years. No massive dreadlocks. No Martian insignia. George's close-cropped hair was white, Willie's was reduced to peach fuzz.


They had been wild men. Trapped in a cage. Forced to eat raw meat.

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