Al Leech, United Press Report, demonstrates with dolls position of the Andrews Siamese twin girls born here 10/01, to Mrs. Wilfred J. Andrews.  Parents have delayed decision on whether doctors should risk operation to separate twins until exhaustive tests have been made.


10-05-1954 Chicago, United Press Photos



Two dolls are held together to demonstrate the position in which the Andres Siamese twins, born in Chicago last Friday, are joined at their heads.


Chicago American photo by Steve Marino. Soundphoto 10-5,1954 Chicago, Ill.



This is a copy of the X-ray taken of the girls heads shortly after birth. The above photos are of an unidentified doctor holding two dolls in the same position that the girls were joined head to head.



Head-Joined Twins Separated Successfully


Chicago, Ill another milestone in the annals of medical history was recorded tonight when twin girls - Deborah Marie and Christine Mary Andres, six months old, were successfully separated by Chicago surgeons at Mercy hospital.


The history making operation took four and a half hours.






X-ray of Andrews Siamese Twins, born joined at the heads, show a bone structure which may separate their brains.  Such a structure between the brains would make their case hopeful, it was said yesterday at a hospital conference in Chicago.   International News Soundphoto







Wilfred J. Andrews, 38 year old packing house salesman, and his 34 year old Norene are the parents of twin girls, joined at the top of their heads, that were born Friday by caesarian section at St. Anne's Hospital.  A hospital spokesman said the twins, joined very much like the Brodie twins, are in good condition.  Dr. John J. Freeman, who delivered the Andrews babies, said it has been decided to ask the specialists who separated the Brodie twins to examine the girls.


AP Wirephoto. Oct 3,1954



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