Elizabeth Green - The Stork Woman

Olga Roderick - The Bearded Lady


Elizabeth Green

Billed as "The Stork Woman",
Tob Browning once described her as a Jewish girl from Springfield, Massachusetts who owned five apartment houses. It was also claimed that Elizabeth was an avid movie fan and only signed the contract to appear in Freaks so that she could possibly get Ronald Coleman's autograph.

Anton La Vey, who had worked in the circus with several freaks and later founded the Church of Satan, claimed that Betty Green was not a freak at all, but she had entered the profitable circus life by exaggerating her worst features through deliberately sucking in her cheeks and bulging her eyes out.


Olga Roderick

"The Bearded Lady" was born Jane Barnell in 1874. Jane's father often went out of town on business and her mother would take her to the circus, but one day her mother came home without her.

The Great Orient Family Circus was a small show that took Jane in as a member of their "family". Later on they signed with a larger circus and successfully toured around Europe. However, in one town she fell ill and had to be hospitalised. When she recovered, Jane discovered that the circus had left without her and that she was stranded. She was promptly placed in an orphanage where her father finally tracked her down and was taken to work on her grandmother's farm.

A neighbour who worked as a strongman during the circus season, persuaded Jane to stop shaving off her whiskers and make her money under the big top again. She took his advice and signed on with the John Robinson Circus and then went on to appear for a time with most of the major circus operations.
Before the 1900's, Jane had been married three times and had given birth to two children.

After appearing in Freaks, she vowed never to work in Hollywood again as she found Browning's film "to be an insult to all freaks everywhere" and sorely regretted appearing in it.


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