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The Human Chimaera


New Book


from Andy Paciorek

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Containing over 100 original pen & ink portraits alongside biographic text, The Human Chimaera is an indispensable guide to the greatest stars of the circus sideshows and dime museums.

Includes a foreword by John Robinson of Sideshow World.





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Constance has lost her turtle. It is not just any turtle but Zack and Mack, a two-headed turtle. Where can they be? Will placing mackerel around town lure Zack and Mack from hiding? What about that phone call from the mysterious Mr. Moto? Are Zack and Mack to be found in a turtle race at the Maytown Fair? Why is the President concerned about the safe return of a turtle? Meet the Queen of England's Royal Turtle, Henry. Learn of the insidious plot by The Potentate. Experience the climatic crash, tumble and heart thumping action of full-on turtle racing. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this story is designed to create a mental image of turtles that you will never forget; it will also give you cause to smile.

This story is based upon the best recollections of "fictitious" events involving a real, live, two-headed turtle.

The Smile Ambassadors is a novel suitable for all humans but it is specifically written for ages eight to fourteen.


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  • Language: English


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    It was not long after Papa died that the bottom fell out of my world and I felt like the original 'Alice' tumbling down a rabbit hole. The place I found myself was not the 'Wonderland' Papa had created. It was a bizarre world from which he had tried so hard to shield me. A world in which I found myself with a butcher knife in my hand as the blade was deeply embedded in the stomach of James, Mom's new boyfriend. It all felt

    so unreal, a dreamlike state - no…a nightmare. 


    by Alice Abraham, Michael Bunn


  • Paperback: 570 pages

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 11, 2013)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1490937358

  • ISBN-13: 978-1490937359


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    The most comprehensive biography of Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith written thus far. An extraordinary confidence man, gambler, and all-around bad man is set against the carefully researched historical times of the evolving Old West. Author and great-grandson Jeff Smith spent 25 years researching and writing the life and murderous death of one of the West's most infamous, and some say often unfairly maligned, masters of the criminal arts and natural-born leaders of men. Was Soapy Smith a "good man"? This history points to sometimes. Was he a "bad man"? Without doubt, Often. In this book, from Georgia to Texas, from Denver and the silver and gold boom-towns of Colorado, to Mexico and the Western states to the great Northwest, and to the last frontier, Alaska, you will travel with Soapy Smith to his criminal empires and final bold, deadly showdown with vigilantes.




    Step down a little closer; you don't want to miss a thing. Join

    fifty-year sideshow veteran, Rick West, on a strange and

    wonderful trip through behind-the-scenes tales of his life as

     a showman.


    The strange, the bizarre, the unusual comprise this engaging memoir

    bursting at the seams with rare images of two-headed cows,

    Bigfoot creatures, pickled punks, showgirls, humongous hogs,

    3,500-pound steers, and much, much more.


    From attending the Ozark Empire Fair at age five to revealing the true

    story behind Frank Hansen's infamous Minnesota Iceman, the author

    takes the reader into the world of America's sideshows and midway

    grind shows. It's all here; it's all on the inside.


    See it now or miss it forever.   It's Showtime!


    *Be astounded by 200+ bizarre, unusual, and many never-before-

    seen sideshow images

    *See amazing carnival midway shows...animal shows, freak shows, and, of course, girlie shows

    *Complete with a glossary of carnival lingo and other interesting words and phrases.


    Forward: James Taylor - Shocked & Amazed


    Size:  11” x 8 ½”   Soft cover   Illustrations 175+ color & 35+ b/w images  

    Pages: 160



    Rick West’s  “Pickled Punks & Girlie Shows: A Life Spent

    on the Midways of America” may be purchased at your local bookstore,

    numerous online retailers, Schiffer Publishing or direct from the author.


    To purchase from the author…


    Price $25 free shipping


    Please make your check or money order ($25.00) payable to Rick West

    and send to…


    PP & GS
    649 CR 721
    Nacogdoches, Texas 75964


    Books are now in stock and ready to ship.


    If you would like your book signed “to someone”, clearly print the name

    of the person for whom the book is being purchased.


    Rick West


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    Scott J. Holliday's first novel is a delightful surprise. Set in the late 1870s, when travelling circuses with their roadside attractions of freaks were common, it has the feel of authentic Americana. Holliday captures the ambience, the language, and the random cruelty of rural life in that era.




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    Parasitic Twin is back. The second issue features 11 new stories as well as a two page story by JB Sapienza. PT is a collection of stories about circus freaks. Beautifully disgusting, horrific yet poignant, Parasitic Twin will make you laugh and simultaneously tug at your heart strings.

    Features the brand new never seen before 7 page story "Circus in the Woods. It's about a boy who lives in the forest and grows from the earth like a dandelion.

    Other stories include...
    The Lobster Children
    The Sword Sallower
    The Tegucigalpan Madmen
    The Little Albino Girl
    The Human Art Gallery
    The Reanimated Corpse of Julia Pastrana
    The Elephant Man
    The Elastic Man
    The Living Torso
    and The Incredible Bison Girl


    Buy Here


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    Ten-year-old Babo has grown up on an abandoned circus camp in a war-torn country. She sleeps in the old lion cage and takes care of the other parentless "leftover kids" telling them fantastical stories about the old circus days and finding ways to make them laugh. They need her. So Babo is not one single bit happy when an American couple wants to adopt her and change her name to Betti. How will her real parents ever find her? Her mama is the tallest woman in the world with a tail. And her dad? He's the famous green alligator man. Of course. They're circus stars on the high wire.

    But soon crazy America is exactly where she is---with new parents and a little sister, weird food like snaky spooogetti, and all kinds of people speaking gobbledygook. Betti is determined to run away, to somehow get back to her circus. She just has to find the perfect time...

    Betti on the High Wire by Lisa Railsback


    Lisa Railsback is the recipient of a Jerome Fellowship in Playwriting, from the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis, and a Michener Fellowship in Writing from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a fan of licorice and the circus.

    Look her up at:

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    Carny Sideshows: Weird Wonders Of The Midway


    by Tony Gangi

    Step right up, and feast your eyes on the incomparable wonders of a hidden world! Be astonished! amazed! disgusted! by brazen acts of self-destruction that no natural human body should be able to withstand!


    Tony Gangi, professional magician, lifelong sideshow devotee, and card-carrying graduate of Coney Island's famed Sideshow School, guides you through the stupendous techniques and proud traditions of this shocking and fascinating realm of entertainment.


    Features interviews with Penn Jillette and Todd Robbins and Penn Jillette's ode to the sideshow, the "10 in 1" monologue as performed by Penn & Teller.



    Tony Gangi, Sideshow Book Author

    Purchase the Book Here


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    In this 8 page black and white mini comic you will meet Professor Badger and his able bodied assistant Elle. The Professor and Elle travel the eight corners of the globe for the strange and unusual to put on display in the Cabinet of Curiosities! This first adventures takes them high into the frozen Himalayan Mountains in a quest for the Yeti's Balls! Will the Professor and his companions find that which they seek? Find out in this thrilling first issue!



    Visit the real Professor Badger at

    Eight Corner Globe


    A few months back I was approached by a guy named Jim Coon (Last dollar comics blogspot)he wanted to create a comic based on my alter ego Professor Badger.. I thought he was insane, but i told him to go ahead.   Go figure ..he did,  now Professor Badger and his lovely assistant Ms. Elle Emenope have been immortalized in the comic form.  

    I recommend you check it out, and all of Jim's fine "Last Dollar" comics Professor Badger's Cabinet of Curiosities!  Scott Bonelli


    Ad Number B06-11-09



    A tale of a young man infatuated with one half of a set of musical Siamese twins. Though one head returns his love, the other is not impressed. Tensions erupt and tragedies ensue! 16 page mini comic. Full color cover black and white interiors.




    To learn more click here: Siamese Twins



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    Sale Price: $19.95

    By: James Taylor / Kathleen Kotcher

    Publisher: Dolphin Moon Press / Atomic Books

    Page Count: 128pp

    Size: 8.25 x 11


    The thing you’ve been waiting for with bated breath, the thing around which your love of variety revolves:
    Volume 9 of SHOCKED AND AMAZED! is now available!

    In its grand and glorious – and new, new, new! – pages, you’ll find:

    • Blow-out interviews with cover boy Tim “Zamora the Torture King” Cridland, one of the most extreme performers on the planet; Manuel King, billed in his day as “The World’s Youngest Animal Trainer”; and Karen Forsythe, 10-in-1 worker in the old days and once-girlfriend of Popeye!

    • A major photo essay on the Bros. Grim Sideshow, one of the only old-time 10-in-1 shows, a faithful recreation of the carnival & circus sideshows from the 1930s!

    • Up close & friendly instructions on how to create your very own fakir act! (Just don’t try this at our house!)

    • A truly revealing detective tale on tracking the real Joseph Pujol, a.k.a.

    Le Pétomane, the original fartomaniac!

    • The tale of “Snake” King, the man who supplied nearly every carnival show in his day with the most exotic animal attractions!

    • Major pieces on the history of both minstrel & medicine shows!

    • The latest installments from NEW editor D.B. Denholtz on the history of Hubert’s museum in NYC; Walt Hudson’s scintillating “Coney Island Baby”; and the rarest of rare pictures of 19th century variety as showcased in “The Strand”!

    • and let's not fail to mention fantastic cover art by Mark Frierson and illustrations by Kevin Gerrone and
    James Mundie


    Buy Yours Now!



    Ad Number B4

    • A fascinating look into the history of the American sideshow and its performers. Learn what's real, what's fake, and what's just downright bizarre.

    • Hardcover: 304 pages

    • Publisher: Tarcher (November 17, 2005)

    • Language: English

    • ISBN: 1585424412

    • Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.7 x 1.0 inches

    Visit American Sideshow

    Sideshow World's Review

    Click here to Purchase


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    Click image to buy your copy of a Wizard's Bestiary


    Strange beasts of all kinds have crawled, run, swam, and flown through humanity's imagination and travelers' tales since the dawn of time. From Gryphons and Unicorns, to Dragons, Mermaids, and even more bizarre and fantastical animals, A Wizard's Bestiary takes you on a magical journey through the ages and around the world, to discover elusive creatures of myth and legend.


    Beware - here be Monsters!


    Ad Number B01-16-08




    "What happens in Vegas doesn't

    necessarily stay in Vegas!"

    or even the State of Nevada!

    Continuing on their mission to unveil the true weirdness of America, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman, the masterminds behind the Weird book series have expand their search into the great state of Nevada, and of course, that would include a special focus on Sin City itself. The Weird Las Vegas and Nevada team of Joe Oesterle & Tim Cridland spread out across the state to uncover the truly unusual stories that make Vegas and Nevada unique - stories you won't find in your average guidebook.



    Signed copies of Weird Las Vegas are $20.00, each post paid.



    Send a check or money order written to


    Tim Cridland
    PO Box 71652
    Las Vegas, NV 89169

    Weirdly Yours,
    Tim AKA Zamora





    Limited First Edition
    C I R C U S    O F    T H E    S C A R S


    $34.95 each

    This includes USA
    shipping and handling
    The book is heavy, over 3 pounds, so expensive to ship overseas. But we can now ship this book surface rate International for $39.95 total. Or airmail International for $46.95 total.



    Written by Jan T. Gregor with
    Tim Cridland aka
    "Zamora the Torture King"

    Hardbound with Dust Jacket
    450 pages - 32 pages photographs
    Over 100 illustrations






    Author: Jim Rose


    "Snake Oil" is an eclectic encyclopedia of all things hustler, ie: how to do mind control, hypnotism, how pimps turn girls into prostitutes, brain washing (what happens when those cult doors close?), hundreds of bar bets (some people never have to pay for their beers because of these tricks), how to do almost every circus stunts imaginable, along with many cons and scams.


    You can be dropped off in any city around the world, broke and not know anyone and still survive with this underground survival Bible.


    Alleluia my brother!


    To Purchase Your Copy

    Call: 1-800-953-9929

    Or Visit:


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    Author: Renee Dodd


    To the rubes that pay good coin to see them, they are Freaks. To the other carnies—those who run the Ferris Wheel, the Girl Show, and more—they are the Starlight Carnival Royale’s most lucrative source of income, and sometimes, friends.



    Click here to learn more about Renee Dodd's

    A Cabinet of Wonders



    Click Here to Purchase Your Copy




                                                     BARNES & NOBLES







    Ad Number 8-22-2006


    World of Wonders

    by Jimmy Katz & Dena Katz


    The New York Times review describes the 

    book World of Wonders by saying, "The results are startling: dazzling portraits in lurid color, with an unflinching, high-definition intimacy".


    World of Wonders

    Available at



    Ad Number B0-9-2-09



    Pleased to introduce an original publication:


    TO ORDER, Please send the following:

    Name: ________________________
    Shipping Address:________________
    ST____________ Zip ____________

    E & L Originals
    PO Box 249
    Kennedy, NY 14747-0249

    No. of Copies___ x $29.95 =
    If purchased in NY, please add: sales tax p/bk.
    Shipping/Handling p/bk -Total

    Make checks or money orders payable to:
    E & L Originals, and mail to address above.

    Thanks for your order!

    W.F. Ed Edwards
    716- 267-9755


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    Gypsy Hot Bloods

    Ward Hall's New Novel

    Now available,

    A novel written in 1961 deemed too racy for the puritanical tastes of the 1960s,

    GYPSY HOT BLOODS was secreted away until a more enlightened time.

    This pulp masterwork threatened the very fabric of society with its honest and in depth portrayal of gay love, carny cons and gypsy life.

    Go behind the scenes and learn the secret language of itinerant entertainers. How do gypsies scam the squares on a carnival midway?
    Is it possible for two men to find love? Once born into a gypsy tribe - can one escape?

    Ward Hall examines these taboos and many more in his first novel, GYPSY HOT BLOODS. Working from material gathered from a lifetime spent on the carnival midway, Ward pulls out all the stops and tells all in his gripping and compelling first novel.

    A must read for all fans of carnival, gypsy lore and pulp fiction.

    Price: $14.95
    By: Ward Hall
    Page Count: 160pp
    Size: 5.5 x 8.5
    Notes: Paperback
    Date Published: 2005

    Available from the following outlets,


    Dolphin Moon Press
    P.O.Box 22232
    Baltimore, Md. 21203


    C.M. Christ
    P.O.Box 907
    Gibsonton, Fl 33534

    All copies come autographs by author.

    Ad Number B3


    Author: Carlyn Beccia


    Hardcover; 32 pages
    Coming Soon
    Publication Date: 04/09/2007
    Illustrations: Full-color illustrations

    Before the days of TV, DVDs, and video games, there was the circus. When it came to town, businesses and schools would shut down. Folks would gather round, for there, right in front of their eyes, was drama, action, and intrigue. There was the grace of the bareback rider, the daring of the acrobat, the strangeness of the snake lady, and the delight of the dancing pigs.

    Vintage-style circus posters capture the weird and the wonderful while fascinating sidebars reveal historical truths behind America’s circuses. What was it like when the circus came to town? This book, illustrated in rich oils, gives us a ringside seat. Houghton Mifflin Company

    To Find out more or Purchase Your Copy click on above image.


    Or Visit: Ballyhoo the Book


    Ad N-24-2006













    A Journey Into the World of the Circus by Jamie MacVicar


    "THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE CIRCUS had passed but under Irvin Feld, the ruthless, unpredictable, super salesman, another golden age of promotion had just begun."


    And so begins the extraordinary tale of The Advance Man. It's a history, a love story, and a tale of self-discovery. And as much, it's a captivating inside look at Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.


    Richly textured and meticulously researched,  The Advance Man is an incomparable bridge from the past to the present. It is a spellbinding narrative inhabited by strange and seductive characters like Chang and Eng, the Siamese twins who couldn't  be engaged in two different conversations simultaneously;  and the smallest man in the world who continuously stymied the show's most virile man.


    From San Diego to Cleveland to moss draped, beguiling Savannah, the story illuminates the fabric of American cities - and reveals a tapestry of who we are.  But as events gather speed, catapulting the reader and the advance man down a heart-pounding track, it becomes easy to forget that "sometimes the most complex illusions have the simplest explanations."

    Artfully,  MacVicar invites us into a world of splashing color. Whether you are a history or circus enthusiast, a student of business, or just the lover of a remarkable yarn, the ride will be memorable, as unforgettable as a childhood night at the circus. 


    Purchase the Book Here


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