Los Angeles’ premier jug band, has just released its debut CD, Delicious Moments.


What do Sausage Grinder and Sideshow have In Common?


I like both of them!


I was pleasantly surprised the first time I heard Sausage Grinder, it was by way of the Venice Beach Freak Show, the band had been invited to play for the World's Strangest Wedding. (Watch for it this spring on AMC's Freakshow) 


I received a few photos and info from the wedding which included some background on the band, that lead me to check out their music. 


What a feast for my ears!


Sausage Grinder - Delicious Moments is just that, a grinder full of Johnson, Waite, Louis and Crumb, with a whole lotta Rhythm and Bones....these guys and a gal really GET IT! 


A blend of old time music, with one eye to the blues, and jug band music, the other to a progressive insight  into Hi Di Ho, ragtime, and the good old hillbilly hoedown, which leads them down the road to their own take on the old time styles, they keep us tapping our toes and enjoying the great old days when music was played by them folks for us folks.


If you enjoy old time music you'll love the Sausage Grinder.  I DO! 


Go out now and pick up a copy or 2 or 3 of their new CD Delicious Moments and share it with everyone you know.


John Robinson

Sideshow World



Buy it here - Sausage Grinder Delicious Moments



Sausage Grinder w/ Steve James plays "If You'se a Viper"


The members of Sausage Grinder: Chris Berry, guitar/banjo/vocals; David Bragger, fiddle/mandolin/guitar; Josh“BoyBaby” Orkin jug/kazoo/whistle/guitar; Matt Orkin, mandolin; Bobby Reed, banjo/harmonica/vocals; Margie Royall, washboard/banjo-ukulele/vocals/


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