Sept 22, 2021 Salt Lake City Utah


Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus with this years edition of their Blue Unit called the Dragon was a fast paste show.  A few of the acts had recently joined the show and were working on their acts which was evident, some of the performers had problems completing their routines.  The audience was very forgiving and supportive.


For the most part the show was amazing!  I was very impressed with the animal acts "Love the Big Cats", but most of all the globe of death which in my opinion was the best of show.  It was the first time I had seen eight riders in the globe at one time.  At one point the riders were in complete darkness with only a black light which lit the glow on their riding clothing while riding in the globe, Really Cool effect!


For children over the age of 8 it was a thrilling time, it became a little long for the younger ones during some acts, like the Shaolin Priests Kung Fu, Martial Arts, I was very impressed  and amazed with their skills, strength and discipline.


As with all of the circus performances there were the animal rights folks.

I'm always amazed that most of them haven't taken the time to see how well  the animals are taken care  by the circus staff and their trainers.  I had a background tour of the animals and found them to be in very good health with great living conditions, their staff were well trained in their care.



Last but not least was the Dragon, my granddaughter favorite, she is 6 and could hardly wait to see it.  After the show she told me "it was a little scary but mostly it was the best part of the show".


Take a little time to check the circus schedule and when it comes to a town near you, get the whole family together and don't miss the 2012 edition of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey.


John Robinson

Sideshow World


I would like to Thank, Chad Ridge (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus on the left)  for his help and guidance while at the show. It was a pleasure meeting and spending time getting to know him and his great knowledge of the circus.


(John Robinson Sideshow World on the right)



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