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THAT Damned Band's album Mutantstrosities is an epically wild and phantasmagoric acoustic musical exploration of the themes of Monsters, Freaks, the Dregs of Society, and the Circus Sideshow Midway. Songs like Gobbelins and the Trash Dragon' Sway make Idiomatic connections with the down and out being mythological and unseelie entities such as goblins and trolls. The album was recorded with a variety of sonic textures, including sci-fi effects and melodies played on the theremin and jacob's ladder (track 5) to the sublimely simple toy piano (track 4), using modern digital recording techniques and also reel to reel magnetic tape mastering. This is independent music, music that breaks the mold, breaks open the head, and encourages the thought that magick is everywhere.


Album: "Mutantstrosities"

Label: independently produced
available on CD & digital download

Genre: Steampunk Goblincore (Acoustic Psychedelia)
Release Date: Friday the 13th, January 2012,1/13/12

THAT Damned Band Presents their new album, "Mutantstrosities" * All tracks radio friendly

1.      Trainwrekk't (3: 19)

2.      Gobbelins (5:05)

3.      Suenos Con Chaneques (5:25)

4.      The Ballad of Olga Hess (3:44)

5.      the Boy with the Smile that Leers as it Mocks (4:38)

6.      The Trash Dragon's Sway (5:12)

7.      Black Scorpion Theme (3:57)

8.      Phantasmagoric Cabaret (5:56)

9.      Sensual Pole Dance of the Desert Lizardman (6:03)

10.  Midget Caravan (3:33)

11.  Wheezing Tedium in F minor (2: 17)

THAT Damned Band is preparing to release their new album "Mutantstrosities". The album
comes from the band that has traveled all throughout this great land of ours with the 999 EYES Freakshow - as seen on TV (National Geographic's Taboo, the Secret Lives of Women, & the Tonight Show with Jay Leno). THAT Damned Band's Steampunk Goblincore sound supports the strangest show on earth with sounds that bring to mind the freaks and carnival midways of old. The band is part of a new vaudeville trend that has enraptured the world, and relies on the idiom that truth is stranger than fiction.

"The 999 EYES [& THAT Damned Band] won my heart ... they stay true to the carnival
spirit" -Sansa Asylumn, from the Yard Dogs Road Show

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Press Contact: Dylan
Blackthorn, THAT Damned Band

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