Worlds Greatest Snow Cone Pitch


February mid-'80's...I was in Buckeye AZ workin in the Culpepperer Circus WQ's...right down the road in Peoria AZ, Gopher Davenports "Ford Bros Circus was set up...Bunch of us went over to catch the show and visit the Late Ken "turtle" Benson...we visited and settled into our seats right in front of the Center ring...as Longtime show organist Dean Koonrud hammered out on a old Hammond organ the EXACT same tune for each act (he was drunk) I noticed since there was No entrance curtain a Bear run by...w/ Harry Locker the Bears trainer chasin it...THEN...I saw Harry run by w/ the Bear chasin him!!!..Apparently Giovanni (the Ringmaster) had noticed this also and came to conclusion that the Bear would be a little late...So when the act performing finished...Giovanni being the seasoned veteran he is, casually drew the Microphone up...and began to speak....

"Ladies and Gentleman...Boys and Girls....Many years ago..in the faraway land of Norway...it became very very Hot...So Hot that the King of Norway could not be kept cool...Finally after many futile attempt to be cooled...The King summoned his Finest Knight, gave him instructions and a silver Chalice, The Finest Knight then went to the Royal Stable, summoned the Kingdoms finest stead and with Chalice in Hand rode over the draw bridge and out of the Castle...The Knight rode thru the Peasant Villages...thru the Farmlands till he came to the Base of the Highest peak in all of Norway!!!...The Knight then rode the finest stead up, and up, till the stead could go no further!!!, The Knight with silver Chalice in hand proceeded to climb till he could climb no more!!!...so The Knight still with silver Chalice in Hand crawled and crawled till he reached the Highest peak in all of Norway!!!...Now this Peak was covered with pure freshly fallen snow, and the Knight with the silver chalice scooped it full of snow, The Knight then made his way back down...where he mounted the now rested stead,,,and he rode down the mountain, back thru the farmlands, back thru the Peasant Villages, over the Draw-Bridge and back into the Castle!...he then returned the Stead to the Royal Stable...and headed to the Royal Wine cellar...where he poured the Finest wine in all of Norway over the freshly fallen snow in the silver Chalice...He then hurried to the King, handed the King the Chalice and the King was cooled.....By the Worlds First Sno-Cone!!!!!...Now Ladies and Gentleman...Boys and Girls...We have substituted the Silver Chalice for a sanitary paper cup!!, We have replaced freshly fallen snow with crystal clear shaved ice!! ...and Fine Norwegian wine with your Favorite Flavor Cherry!!!...Our vendors are now in the seating area....Et. et. et.....Needless to say Harry by this time had rounded up the Bear and the Bear act could now go on, and yours truly had witnessed the Greatest Snow-Cone pitch I had ever Heard...


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