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What Culinary Favorites do you Eat on the Road??????



The staple diet of Showmen who are either stranded on the roadside or having a season like the current one...

It comes packaged in a rectangular tin packed in oil or mustard sauce, with a key to roll the lid onto...

Best enjoyed with cheap gin...

Nothing can replace my beenie weenies, and that's my food budget on circus pay!!!!
As far as cheap gin, the best gourmet gin comes straight from the bath-tub.

Well, you could take those little silvery things out of your flat can, roll them up with slivers of weenies in a bed of Ramen (cooked or raw, as you prefer), slice into half-inch thick sections, and...make a Japanese chef faint. Put a drop of green food coloring in a tablespoon of horseradish, and call it wasabi. -Dab a bit on your quasi-sushi to deaden the taste and there you go...

Wash them down with either your cheap gin or some 20/20.

(No, that hot washcloth at your place setting is NOT to wipe your shoes with!)


So where does peanut butter fit in? We just about lived on the stuff at the 2 grind shows I worked.

Travis, peanut butter is high up on the food chain for me, I love the stuff.

Some very tasty Oriental dishes are made with peanut butter as an ingredient. Never heard of peanut butter sushi, but Hey- there's a first time for everything! Maybe you could start a new food fad!

Frame your own grab joint- "Fer....... Food Fetish - Featuring sardine-and-peanut butter sushi and beanie weenie on a stick" You'd beat out Pronto Pups, Lil' Orbits, and Elephant Ears easily!

For those who can afford other canned meats. SPAM now comes in individual
sliced packages. Tuna even comes in foil packages now.

I've seen the tuna in the foil packages, but have not seen the Spam in sliced packages.

Hawaiians LOVE SPAM! My mom makes awesome potatoes salad, a favorite of all the show parties! Secret
Ingredient? You Guessed It: SPAM Don't knock it till you tried it!


Oh, where would this world of ours be if it weren't for good old Spam? -Spamburgers, Spam 'n eggs, Spam ala king, Spam ala mode, and of course, Spam sushi. That's another one for Travis' grab joint! Tuna in foil packages?

They're putting hamburger in those packages too. But it all costs as much as, if not more than, canned tuna and Slim Jims.
Definitely not for Ricky's circus budget. Remember, if your budget won't permit all those delicacies,

you can always fall back on road- kill sushi...

Road kill sushi!! for some reason that did something
to my appetite, like made it go away (CRAP, a geek eats
cleaner than that).

I remember a few times on the Lewis Bros. Show, Bill was the cook at the time and he put a lot of
different canned vegetables in a pot to make stew, for the meat, he chunked up

Spam and mixed it in. It tasted pretty good.

  All Right, I've got and for you! my mom cooked tongue when I Was Growing Up. We Had To Eat Anything &

Everything, Growing Up. I  Don't Have Picky Eaters For Kids.




A few post back you spoke of Road Kill Sushi!!

I had a friend in the 70s, that fed himself and his family on Road Kill.

They ate everything from turtle to cats?

Never did sound very good to me, when they visited we always fed them home cooking.

I guess when we were in their part of the country they fed us home cooking also..

Well, that was until we found out they shopped at the highway cafe....

Don't know what ever happened to him, I'm sure he never went hungry.


Bathtub Gin...got it's name during prohibition, because it was smuggled in a highly

concentrated form and required some watering down prior to sale...

The only faucets the large bottles would fit under were in the bathtub...

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