A Couple of Corn Dog Stories


by Scott Pennington


I've got a couple of good Corn Dog Stories I want to share,

The first happened in Little Rock (Long after the Royal American Shows)

I have a friend who runs 9 food joints at the Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock, he's been there for many years.  I think we've all worked with a guy who works on and off during the fair, well this guy was one of them and he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either.


One night he tracked my friend down and told him "I've learned how they make those foot long Corndogs."


He looked at him and said, Oh Yeah!  Well what's the secret?   Well let's go over to the food joint at the other end of the midway and I'll show you.  When they finely arrived he points over at the joint and said, look they're cutting the hot dogs in half and putting one and a half hot dog on each stick....after pointing this out, he said that's how they do it.

He looks over at my friend with a very puzzled look on his face and says,

"Now, what do you think they do with that other half?"



The other story happened a few years earlier at the Ohio State Fair.  You guessed, it was with the same guy.


He told my friend that he wanted to fry up some Corn Dogs then turn a couple of those paper Coke cups upside down and flash the windows with the Corn Dogs stuck in the bottoms. 


I'm sure you've all seen it done a thousand times, well I was told those dogs stayed in the window for the entire run of that fair and that was seventeen days. 


At the end of the fair while te was working Teardown, one of PUGH Show guys came over looking for something to eat.  He was told that they didn't have anything but the guy started arguing with him.  This went back and forth for awhile when all of a sudden that guy stuck his long greasy arm in through the window and before he knew it the guy grabbed two of those seventeen day old Corn Dogs (that were setting in the window of that hot food joint all day everyday for the run of the fair) and was gone.  He took off running up the lot as fast as his little greasy feet would carry him. 


At the that moment the guy who was working for my friend had a second thought, "I wish I had chased him down so I could seen him take the first bite of those Dogs. LOL



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