Letter to Pete Hennen from Charlotte Vagel




New York March 2, 75

Dear Pete!

Got your last letter & I thank you, I am so tired staying in the house 2 cooking every day and with this cold winter we had here. I had terrible pain's in my legs & knee's & hope that will go away when spring comes.  I am glad to go with you a little late-like June or the end of July-as I have lots to do yet.  If you want me to start in Lexington Kentucky OK.

Aug-Sept & Oct. 8 to 10 weeks, is that OK?  May be you don't even went me no ....... you about me.  I only hope Biz will be O.K. as I like to earn some money you know I did not work any more since 1972 and if you do good - I know you will pay me good. Just so you give me a statement at the end of season - which don't ......the amount  you mentioned. So I don't have to pay taxes,  I have only one problem which worrys me- my sweet Puppy You see - when sweet with Benny last Oct. to Hollywood Florida - (it was nice to weather was not too hot either - But Ben was rest less 2 we went back here after one week already) I could take my Dog on the Plane - but hate to put her in a carton box & put her under my seat.)  was furious she almost suffocated so I never go by Plane any more.

So Pete if you don't go east before Fairs start could you please send Leana  -(Trust Her) with car to get me? That would be wonderful I would appreciate it. Tell Leana I'll write Her a few lines soon I give her my Regards. Is Linda also with you? Take good care of your self dear Pete & we will have a good season. 

Write me - if everything is OK with you.

Love Susie

Regards from Benny.






SUZY Nature's Enigma

A puzzle to the entire scientific world





This young lady was born with no normal face (as you can see) but with the strangest body the world has ever known.  She peels the skin on her face nightly.  She is the only child of normal Swiss parents and was born in the year 1925 as the most remarkable Human-Enigma.  For many years doctors used her as a fit study to demonstrate a miracle to medical science, but could not help her to be the same as you.


This young lady cannot shed tears, neither can she perspire, because pores and tear-ducks are closed since birth and the only relief from the summer heat is "By using ice on her body."  She eats well: was educated by private tutors.  She is happy and contented but advised not to marry.  She hopes by showing  her strange body to you to prove that life is still worthwhile living.


Here best wishes are extended to you.

Her Manager


Ringling Circus 1960



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