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The Life of the "Octopus Man"


The performances of aberrations, better known as freak shows, some performances were extremely popular in America and Europe between mid-nineteenth century and mid twentieth century.  The sole purpose for these shows was to show the quirks of nature, particularly focusing on the oddities of human beings.  For those people like Bill shows Durks walked (the man with three eyes), Frank Lentini (the man with three legs) or Siamese twins (twins that gave rise to the term Siamese twins).


Throughout the twentieth century, these malformations began to find its scientific bases in genetic mutations and diseases hitherto unknown.  With this , all the stars of  the freak shows were no loner people who exhibit, to become people who heal.  Even so, a mind set change to another was not radical, holding various freak shows for a few years


Shortly after half century in 1955, Rudy Santos was born in the Philippines.  Rudy, was conceived as one of two twin brothers, but a rare malformation, first described in the nineteenth century by Johann Friedrich Meckel as fetus in fetus, had his twin brother became a parasite, with the result that Rudy Santos had four arms and three legs.

Rudy Santos belonged to an extremely poor family, so when the family was a source of income in it, Rudy became part of one of the freak shows of the last on record.  there he remained for 15 years until he voluntarily left the show, preferring to live secluded in abject poverty.

Rudy The parasitic twin was (and is) both arms and half a leg, causing him to be present in his home country the nickname of The Octopus Man.  In his case, unlike frank Lentini, his limbs were not functional, being mere appendages subjects and bodies supported by Rudy.  In addition to the extremities, joined at the pelvis, Rudy had two nipples and a small bump up to the sternum that was identified by doctors as a relic of the head of her twin.


Rudy, still alive today, is the person with this condition who has reached the advanced age. In 2008, the doctor Vicente Gomez studied his case and determined that it was likely the separation from his brother parasites.  Rudy came to raise the separation, since it may lengthen life expectancy, but finally decided that after living 50 years with its appendices, and were a part of himself.


Throughout history there have been about 100 documented cases worldwide of fetus in fetus.  The case of Rudy Santos is one of the most spectacular and remarkable, but also worthwhile for Lakshmi name Tatman, a girl born in India in 2005 with four arms and four legs.  This time the science was more advanced and found the means to be operated, getting rid of your sister can carry a parasite and relatively normal life.


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