This was Rasini's Rocket Car, the car would come down the ramp, do a forward somersault, and land on a huge trampoline type canvas bed that was on rollers, upon impact the rollers would unroll giving a soft landing with no bounce. (hopefully!!!!). Everyone would take bets on whether the car would even reach the bed, let alone land upright. Bob Atterbury had the car after Rasini, and used to hire guys to "drive" it, I remember one in particular whose nickname was "Corpse"




Take Off Comes after a Plunge Down the Runway has

 Built up Momentum in the 350-lb automobile



NOSES DIPS Rear End Flips and Over He Goes



FALLING He Completes the Loop



BAM! A Perfect Landing on the Elevated Tarpaulin





We've had a bit of discussion about the "Rasini Rocket Car", including these from a man who should know, regarding the "close up" pics in an earlier post.

Hi, I'm Eddy Ventura and the rigging in the pictures is Rassini's rocket car taken sometime in the late 40's.

Cresso's rigging was in Houston Texas with Bill Siros of the thrill show although it is probably scrap by now.

Unless they obtained a second rigging the rocket car in Baraboo came from Aut Swenson's thrill show. It is very old, the photos I saw of it show at one time it launched two cars one going over the other. It dates to the 30's or earlier.

The rigging that Jay Cocoran bought from Bob Atterbury was Rasin's and after he made a new rigging I'm told the original was abandoned behind a gas station near Kennywood Park. Jay sold the rigging to Eugene Nock and he took out the somersault and built a car that looked virtually indestructible.


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