I was born at Excelsior Springs, Me, and came from a family of five, three boys and two girls, all normal, as are my parents.  The cause of my condition is not known, except that the bones in my lower limbs are different to the ordinary person's.  The doctors have told me that my case can happen in the best of regulated families.  I received an ordinary public education and at the age of 16 graduated from school.  I was always considered a very bright pupil and very quick to learn.


When I was, or when I am at home, back on the farm,  I can do most anything the normal person can do, such as milking and handling stock, and using farm implements.  Although I walk on all fours I am considered a good horseman.  I am mechanically inclined, also a carpenter and blacksmith; I have worked in blacksmith shoos and sawmills, and can also do shoe repairing.


I have always been inclined to travel and learn the ways of the world, and show business gave me the opportunity so HERE I AM.  Sine the time I've been on exhibition I have been featured by some of the largest circuses and carnivals, being one of the very few of my kind in the world.  I have traveled the entire U. S. A., and parts of Canada, and Old Mexico.  Because I am not a fancy swimmer, I don't take to the water, therefore I haven't crossed the ocean.


Here are some of the answers to questions that perhaps are on your mind:


can you walk on crutches, or use mechanical braces to walk upright?


No, I absolutely have always walked on all fours, and have no balance with which to use crutches.

Can you walk far?


Yes, I have been known to make 15 miles hikes.


Do you tire easily?


No, the only difference in walking is, the motion of my arms expanding my lungs and making me breath more deeply, but as for fatigue, I can walk all day long.


Is your spine weak?


No, I can stand up under the weight of 250 or 300 pounds, and my nerve system is very good throughout pine and lower limbs, and I feel just as healthy and normal walking on four as the normal person feels walking on two.


Doctors say I am more healthy than the average person.  I do not feel embarrassed as I go places, and in conclusion let me kindly say that nature has taught me to enjoy this grand old world the same as any ordinary person.


I may look crooked and out of style, but I greet the world with a grand old smile.


I thank you,




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