X-ray of Marie O'Day


The image is a side view or lateral x-ray taken on Polaroid photographic film (that's why it looks like a positive instead of a negative image).  The "dark" object in her mouth is her upper denture. 


It's made of a material called "vulcanite".  The process was patented by one of the Goodyear brothers in the mid 1800's


The other thing that is significant is the presence of her upper third molar, or "wisdom" tooth.  She lost her other upper teeth, but that tooth survived.  Actually, both of her "wisdom" teeth are present.  The presents of these teeth help us age her, she is at least in her late teens early 20's.


Prof. Gerald Conlogue Quinnipiac University Hamden CT.


Prof. Gerald Conlogue is better know for his work on the Mummy Road Show which airs on the National Geographic Channel


Ron Beckett and Jerry Conlogue, are professors of health science at Quinnipiac University Hamden CT. They co-host the program Mummy Road Show which is a fast paced half-hour television series following the adventures of Ron and Jerry, who have a passion for the off-beat -- mummies. They also have a talent that goes with that passion -- investigating mummies using x-ray and endoscopic technologies.  


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