Helen Mathews


Length of hair 6 feet 4 inches Ringling Bros Circus Sideshow



Helen Mathews listed as one of Ringling Bros Sideshow Performers 1899 & 1901

Sideshow - 1899

Lew Nichols, Supt.
Ticket Sellers: Chas. Griffin, John Manly, Frank Griffin, Fred Madison, W. Goodwin, B. A. Keating, Harry Piel

Performers: Ringling Brothers Circus Sideshow 1899

Mme. Leland, Mind-Reader
Louis Wilson, Albino
Lulu Baum, Tattooed Lady
Zelda, Snake Charmer
Francisco Lentine, 3 Legged Boy
Chief Debro and Wife, Esquimos

Arcaris and Sister, Impalement Act
Helen Mathews, Long Haired Lady
Bertha Carnihan, Midget
Gertie Platt, Fat Lady
Chas. Griffin, Magician and Ventriloquist
Beyruth Troup of Arabs: Marie, Frank, Joseph, Joe


Ringling Bros.' Side Show - The Annex - 1901

Lew Graham, Manager
Ticket Sellers: Louis Barrella, John P. Walker
Opening Ticket Sellers: Barry Gray, Geo Harrison, Dan Keating, Ben Goodman, Wm. Howard
Chas. E. Griffin, Lecturer
Jack Gee, Doortender

Program:  Ringling Brothers Circus Sideshow 1901

"Bayrooty Bros.' Oriental Troupe": Joseph Bayrooty, Frank Bayrooty, Marie Bayrooty, Joe Muttouk
Grace Gilbert, Girl with the Auburn Beard
Louis Wiser, Albino
Bertha Carnahan, Minnesota Lilliputian
Gertie Plath, Giant Fat Lady
Madam Helen Mathews, Long-haired Lady
Chas. E. Griffin, Sword Swallower
Octavia, Snake Enchantress
Prince Ishmael, Wonderful Hindoo Fakir, assisted by Princess Florence
Gray's Marionettes, Manipulated by Barry and Ella Gray

Side Show Band

Clate Alexander, Leader
Ed Miller, Cornet
H. J. Brasfleld, Baritone

James Alexander, Alto
Geo. DeKarske, Tuba
John Reno, Trombone

Wm. B. Wilson, Snare Drum
Walker Cunnigham, Bass Drum


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