The Amazing Regurgitator, Hadji Ali



Date of Birth
1892, Egypt


Date of Death

November 5th 1937, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, UK (heart failure)


The Amazing Regurgitator
The Egyptian Enigma



Hadji Ali was a sideshow curiosity world re-known for his ability to swallow various household items, wash them down with water, and then as audience members called out specific items, he would regurgitate them as requested. He's featured in the book by Joe Laurie Jr. "Vaudeville: From the Honky Tonks to the Palace."



Billed as the Amazing Regurgitator, Hadji Ali enjoyed an improbably widespread popularity at the beginning of the twentieth century as a vaudeville drawing card.


His main act consisted of swallowing a series of unlikely objects such as watermelon seeds, imitation jewels, coins, peach pits; and then regurgitating specific items as requested by his audience.


It was impressive, if tasteless stuff--but his grand finale brought down the house every night.


His beautiful assistant would set up a metal castle on stage while Ali drank a gallon of water, chased down by a pint of kerosene. To the accompaniment of a protracted drum roll, he would eject the swallowed kerosene across the stage in a six foot arc and the set the castle on fire.


Then, as the flames from the burning castle shot high into the air, he would upchuck the gallon of water and extinguish the blaze.


The crowd loved his closing act.






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