New York, June 11 - 1909


Mr. S. H. Rundly


Dear Sir yours sicd now you do not say if you want me to finish your Entire Show or if you only want my own acts.  I have two that are available for week of Oct 5.  I am finishing quite a number of fairs with Entire Show saving them big commissions and increased Salary which agents do for their own benefit.  I deal direct with Perfumer sharing no commission I am no agent, thereby the Fair Deals Direct with Performers.


I will furnish you my two acts for $500. or one for. 250 Either the Bear Act or dog & Monkey act these same acts last Season were handled by agents and $1000 and $800 per week for the ing I got $450.  I only book my own acts now no agents.  I send you a list of acts I can furnish you if  you desin or if you know of any act you would like will ing and save you $50 to $100 on the act by hiring if Dire


1. Bicycle act 3 people comedy and a fine act. $200.

2. Cycling Bennett's 2 People good act . $100.

3. The Lovett's Comedy Pantomimes 2 People good . 125

4. Inza & Lovella New Novelty 2 People  . 175.

5. Nelson & Nelson 2 People Nov Acrobats.  135

6  Mille Martha, Trapeze and Dissension act  100.


Now if you desire me to make you up a Program if you will let me know how much money you care to put in your Show I will gives you a list of the very best acts I can for this money and I am sure you will be satisfied with the show. I can furnish you much longer acts If you desire I can give you the 4 Leukes for $500 cashing act Best in Business,  Arloff troupe two acts for $300 three People.  Must Know Soon as needing act are making Route for Next Season.  Yours Truly V.P. Wormwood. 554 W H 9th N.Y.


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