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is now 21 years of age 5 feet 3 inches high enjoys good health, and with the exception of the peculiarity of the lower extremities, of which the above cut gives an accurate likeness, presents a comely appearance, being intelligent, modest and agreeable.  The body and down to the knee is naturally proportioned.  The foot measures in length 15 inches, around over the instep 20 inches, around over the toes 31 inches.


The great toe measures 6 1-2 inches around.  The weight of the feet alone, is 60 pounds, while her whole weight is 155 pounds.  She wears neither shoes nor stockings, but can walk about the house, up and down stairs, without assistance.  Miss Grisham was born with the peculiarity, which grew in proportion with the rest of her body until about two years since, when having attained her growth otherwise, the feet ceased growing with the body.  It is impossible to account for this wonderful freak of nature, for such it is.


Many inducements from our most expert managers have from childhood applied for her, but not until lately through the persuasion of some of our distinguished physicians, could she be induced to come before the public.  She is attended by a lady who takes pains to accommodates the visitors by a thorough explanation.


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