Own a Circus: 'Are You Nuts?'



From Key West to northern Maine and through parts of the Midwest, Walker Bros Circus entertains circus fans in buildings (preferably a National Guard armory) and under canvas from January through the end of October. But when Johnny Walker Jr. suggested to his dad many years ago that they ought to start their own circus, Johnny Walker Sr. was aghast. With Catia Meluzzi, a seventh-generation linker, at his side, Johnny has toured his own one-ring show for the past 24 years. The 25-member troupe--less than half being performers---stages a high-quality hour-and-a-half show "twice a night and three times on Saturday," as veteran ringmaster Brian LaPalme points out.


Walker Bros, which I taped on April 4 in Danbury, CT.


Video courtesy of Lane Talburt


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