World of Wonder Displays 2001


This is John Jacob Styles III, created by Mephisto for WoW in 2001



Heeeeere's Johnny... And John Jacob the Third too. Johnny's left hand was made of fiberglass, from a mold of my own hand and wrist, with a steel bar inside (his, not mine).


Somehow, the bouncing around in transit still broke his arm and where he landed was a bit embarrassing!


Later I had to run a wire from the body to the top of the cabinet, just to hold him from falling into JJ's lap! You can see JJ's feet in this photo. They, like the hands, are modeled after Grady Styles' feet.



Grace McDaniels, as reconstructed for WoW in 2001. Actual photo of her in the background.


We also had a great bust of the Elephant Man, and one night somebody broke the Plexiglas front and stole it. Somebody also broke into and stole Grace's cameo necklace, that had come from a costume jewelry collection of mine. Next night, we found someone wandering inside the show after closing.


Maybe just coincidence, but I was always suspicious of him after that.


Images  courtesy of Fred Lulling


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