This is "The Seal.' the basket case leader of the world's most vicious dope ring.


These men on a jog smoke an opium pipe in South Korea den supplied by ring.



ARMLESS AND LEGLESS, incredibly shrunken and sinister is the bedridden South Korean, known as "The Seal' - he is mastermind of the biggest and most vicious narcotics syndicate in the Orient.  Chief among the commodities he offers for sale is heroin, the "dream" drug: not the kid stuff version available in the U.S., only about ten to twenty percent pure, but the raw "H" itself, 95 proof.  The deadly Seal employs hundreds of pretty Korean girls to peddle or "push" his stuff.  And his best customers (or victims), guys with cash and with nightmares, are the American GIs, who can get The Seal's wares as easily as you can get aspirin in the States.  Hypo kits can be bought on any street corner in Korea, or gotten in exchange for a pair of socks, a bar of soap, for a pack of cigarettes or some razor blades.  The results are staggering.  A few "pops" a mainliner."  Kids who haven't a hypo outfit often slash their arms with bayonet points or with lids off tin cans, to open a vein into which they introduce the heroin.  Countless GIs disappear, "go over the hill" and live with the natives in the back country; stealing U. S. war supplies which they trade in for heroin.  More than 299 are being treated for addiction in California.  Still The Seal flourishes.


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