1. Q. - How old?

    A- Born April 24, 1900 at New Haven. Conn.


2. Q. - How long in this condition?

    A. - It stated at the age of 30.


3. Q. - What does he eat?

    A. - Liquid or concentrated foods taken through a glass tube.


4. Q. - How does he sleep?

    A. - He sleeps normally on a special built bed.


5. Q. - Has he any feelings?

    A. - Not in the parts of the body already turned to stone.


6. Q. - Can he talk?

    A. He can see, hear and talk. He talks with an effort because the jaws are locked.


7. Q. - What makes the abdomen move?

   A. - The lung expansion is downward.  Due to the fact the ribs and breast bone have already turned to stone, therefore there is no chest expansion.


8. Q. - How long will he live?

    A.- The ossification is gradual and he will live until it reaches some vital organ.

9. Q. - Is the heart normal?

    A. - Hear action and pulse are normal.


10. Q. - Has he any pain?

     A. - No pain whatsoever.  The only thing he is subject to is head and throat could.


11. Q. - How is waste material of the body disposed?

      A. - Kidneys act normal, bowels move by enema only.


12. Q. - How about sexual organs?

      A. - They are the same as in any normal man.


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