I was born December 19 of normal parents, being one of a family of six children four sisters and one brother, all of whom are normal except myself.


When I was born my condition was of such nature as no cause the local physicians and specialists from various parts of the world to steady my case.  After through study and experimentation they were so completely baffled that they made the assignment that I was a Scientific Mystery.  However, they did proclaim one the Alligator Boy.


My condition a really the result of my mother being frightened by an alligator about six months prior to my birth.  I am now and I have always been absolutely normal with the exception of the alligator skin characteristic.  The findings of awareness of which I have been one subject have established the fact that my sexual organs are the same as any normal man.


I have appeared before the greatest doctors in America and Europe.  In the country I have been under study at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.; John Hopkins, at Baltimore, Md.; by leading specialists in Chicago and others too numerous to mention.  My skin has been subjected to microscopic tests, my blood was tested for all kinds of prenatal impurities, and the result has always been negative, my blood being normal as any healthy man's and it is impossible for me to transmit my condition to any other person, other by direct contact or otherwise.  I have perfect health, and the prenatal theory is born out conclusively from the fact that I shed my skin every spring and fall, the same as any member of the Reptilian family.


Though it does not shed all at one time, my body never gets smooth at any time.  I have no sweat glands or oil glands, the oil and moisture my body gets is what I place there myself, winter time twice daily, and summer once a day.  The heat bothers me at times and I have so use ice water to get relief form heat, though otherwise my condition doesn't worry me.


I've been traveling for twenty years on public exhibition.  Some doctors believe in birth-marks; other do not.  But may I impress on every prospective mother to take the safe course-and exercise the utmost care during the vitally delicate period (the first four months or pregnancy).  This  surely can do no harm, and may result in much good.  If the exhibition of my body and the recital of the incident responsible for my condition impresses the lesson of care and caution upon the future mothers and fathers of our land.  I shall feel more than repaid for all inconveniences suffered while giving exhibitions.  There are lots of question that every adult wants to ask me and about my one of a thousand will do so. yet you want and you should know, so I am writing the question and there answers very plain not to be immoral but to tell the truth.


Q. Why isn't your face and hands covered like your body?

A. My face and hands have never been like my body; the skin isn't thick and doesn't turn dark of color.  Some believe it is caused from being exposed to air and sun.  But each is not the case; sun and air is what makes my body dark and heavy but does not change my face and hands.


Q. Are your eyes weak and would glassed help?

A. I have always been near-sighted; to wear glasses give me rather bad headaches.  When I was about fifteen years old I had cataracts on both eyes, blind in my right eye and could see very little out of my left.  At the age of twenty-four, had them removed, and as you can see it was success; my eyes don't bother me at all, thought many think they do.


Q. Does your skin draw, do you feel normal?

A. If I did not oil my skin it would draw.  I can only say I do feel normal; you see, this is the only skin I ever knew and it doesn't even worry me in mind to feel  sorry for yourself is very bad-always look for the bright side; of course, one has so include the dark side.  But the burden can be made much lighter if you choose to make it so.


Q. Do you enjoy life, go to parties, dances, and what kind of sports are you most fond of?

A. Yes, I do enjoy life to a certain extent.  I feel at home must anywhere. I am a fair dancer, can swim very good; in fact in the water I feel at home-it is one active sport I can take part in.  Hunting and fishing is my favorite pastimes when I can.  Although I take in most of the good pictures and like music.


Q. Are you happy?

A. That is a question half the world would find hard to answer and tell the truth.  It seems one is never really satisfied.  I like my work, as it takes me places; I can truly say I am contented.  Though, as every normal person, I have my blue days.


Q. What are you most interested in and what is your hobby?

A. Science and good books.  I read all kinds of books and not only enjoy them but learn a great deal.  Also fond of good mystery novels.


Q. Does the scaly skin really cover your entire body?

A. Yes, it does.  There isn't a spot as large as a dime that isn't covered with alligator skin.  Sexual organs are almost as heavy as my hands, many places are not thick, but just the same it is there.


Q. Do you shave?

A. Yes, I shave every day and many wonder why I have such a good head of hair.  Though I have always had good hair my scalp is real thick like my body.  Hair grows on privates, but not on arms legs or chest.


Q. Are you married or single.  And do you have sexual desires as normal men?

A. I am not married, though I do get lonely at times, my sexual desires are as normal as any healthy man-as you readers know, sex is the foundation of happiness. That part of normal life I have very little experience in person.  I am broad-minded and know that girls or women look on me with horror when it comes to sex.  I don't blame them.  I seem to be a success socially.  Remember pleasure that you can buy is not real pleasure and does more harm than good; that kind of pleasure I don't really want.  I know that somewhere I will find a mate who will understand and love me as I am.  So you see there is a romantic side to every one, even the alligator boy.


Q. Should you marry and be a father of children, would they be like you?

A. Doctors say that my condition would not interfere with my being a father of normal children, as my reproducing glands are normal.  My condition is just of skin.


Q. What is your height and weight?

A. I stand 5 feet 101/2 inches, my normal weight is around 155 to 165 pounds.  I eat normal and rest well, nothing I eat bothers me at all. I do enjoy good health and hope I do always.


Q. Is it true that you only have a short time to live?

A. At the age of 13, I stood 5 feet 8 inches in height, my weight was 70 pounds.  At that time doctors gave me two years to live.  At the age of 19 I was enjoying the best of health, weighing 169 pounds, height 5 feet 10 inches.  In the fall of 1938, 38 doctors said I had but a short time to live but I feel good and don't believe all I hear.  Have hopes of living to be an ole man-only thing that bothers me is heat.


I truly hope that my questions and answers have met with your approval, as they are only extended as an educational feature to my exhibition.  I believe that if the real facts were heeded more the human race would be better off.


I was born and still remain a mystery to science.  If you have enjoyed my part of the show tell your friends, send them and come again.  I thank you.



                                                                       ALLIGATOR BOY

                                                                       ALFRED GREEN

                                              (Permanent address)     Billboard Pub. Co.

                                                                                                 Cincinnati, Ohio


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