Midway art patrons can't always stomach the gruesome pictures.  Jack Donahue the Human Automobile Tire looks

as though he's going to have a blowout any second now.






That's a lot of bull-to have two heads, two brains, three eyes, two mouths and four nostrils.  Cost of seeing Ferdiand is an extra quarter, Painting is free.






Don't stick your neck out and say this Human Ostrich is bad dream it's not.

Sometimes fire on a midway sign, brave Ben-Ali is billed as the Human Volcano.




Everyone's heard of the Louve and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but few people realize there's an art gallery on every midway.  Step right up, folks the show's just about to start.


"SEE THE SIDESHOW, ladies and gentlemen," spiels the talker,  "Step right up. It's one dime, the tenth part of a dollar to look at the world's largest collection of freaks."


As his voice rolls over the midway a large crowd collects.  They listen to him describe the grotesques wonders.  "See the Human Oddities.


Now admire - the "Midway Art Gallery" of fabulous freaks, from way down there to way down there as he points from one end of the bannerline to the other.


If the crudely-drawn pictures advertising the sideshow aren't objects of art by the great masters, they certainly are worth a laugh.

They also make for a sort of sideshow at the sideshow.




Amazing sign on midway depicts the most fabulous wedding ceremony in history, when the 540-pound circus fat lady and the 47-pound midget were joined in holy wedlock.




Bearly believable but  true is  the Bear Girl, She's a grisly sight.

Snake Charmer dawns her snake at the sideshow while entertaining on lookers.



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