Masters at Extracting Coin from Side Show Customers



These unusual ladies created by Snapp Wyatt in his little shop at 1608 N. Franklin St. are typical products of the show banner school of art.  His is one of the four shops in the country which produce banners for the more than 200 carnivals and circuses on the road today.



Bill Wyatt helps out in his brother Snapp's studio by whipping up a paper mache head for a carnival float.  When the brothers aren't busy on big banners that will prompt the public to pay cash to be horrified, amazed or repulsed, they turn out models like this for parades and department stores.




Less gruesome than Snapp Wyatt's usual paintings is this standard-sized banner designed to attract customers to a monkey show, inspected by Jack Howard, New York representative for the local artist.  The gaudy side show banner are painted against a yellow background, because the war has dwindled the supply of the more popular orange mineral.  


Times photos - The Tampa Daily Times, Monday, September 28, 1946

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