100 Drawings

   by Johnny Meah  



Recently, Norman Bringsjord scanned a whole bunch of drawings by his friend, Johnny Meah.  These represent sketches and drawings  made over many years.


Some were done in preparation for making banners, some were proposals for projects. Since he is putting these drawings up for sale, Norman thought it might be wise to scan them as a permanent record.  See above close-up of one of his drawings to see an example of the fine details contained in these drawings.


Owning one of Johnny's drawings is a great way to collect this genre of art. Trying to find a full size banner (if you can find one that is authentic) can be very expensive (in the thousands of dollars).


Norman created a slideshow so that people could see the drawings in low-resolution. You can see it here or visit the galleries below.


You will find lots of interesting typography, figurative drawing and some humor. You will also find some interesting insights into the creative process.


100 Drawings - by Johnny Meah - click on links below

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Gallery 4

Gallery 5

Gallery 6

For more information  about these great drawings, contact Johnny Meah by clicking here.


 Information and images post with permission of Norman Bringsjord


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