χίμαιρα: phase III ~ chimera carnivale

Chimaera Project: phase III~ chimera carnivale
Inspired by the people whose physical features have led to stage / media names suggesting hybridisation with other lifeforms.


Andy Paciorek Copyright all rights reserved


Sam Parks ~ Hopp the Frog Boy



Joseph Merrick ~ The Elephant Man



Minnie Woolsey - Koo Koo the Bird Girl



Staphan Bibrowski - Lionel the Lion-faced Man



Grady Stiles - The Lobster Boy



Ella Harper ~ The Camel Girl



Ruth Davis ~ Mignon the Penguin Girl



Prince Randian ~ The Human Caterpillar




Stanislaus Berent ~ Sealo the Seal Boy



Dede Koswara ~ The Tree Man



Wang ~ The Human Unicorn



George Williams ~ The Turtle Boy




Carrie Akers ~ The Warthog



Emmitt and Percilla Bejano ~ The Alligator Boy and The Monkey Girl



Lakshmi Tatma ~ The Spider Girl



Priscilla ~ the Monkey Girl



The Human Chimaera: ms preview ~ Shuker & Paciorek


Featured below are a small selection of the 115+ illustrations produced by Andy Paciorek for the currently in progress manuscript 'The Human Chimaera : Sideshow Prodigies and Other Exceptional People' by Andy Paciorek and Dr Karl Shuker.


Andy Paciorek Copyright all rights reserved


Portrait of Dick Hilburn ~ The Quarter Man



Gabrielle Fuller ~ The Living Half Woman



John Dougs ~ Nicodemus the Indescribable



Horace Ridler ~ The Great Omi : Zebra Man



Esther Blackmon ~ The Alligator Skinned Woman



Louis Coulon ~ Beard of Distinction



The Human Chimaera:

 Shuker & Paciorek

The Following images are being previewed on Sideshow World


Alzora Lewis & Johanna Dickens ~ The Turtle Girl & The Bear Girl


Elvira and Jenny Lee Snow ~ Pip & Flip, The Twins from Yucatan



Robert Melvin ~ The With 2 Faces



Pete Robinson ~ The Human Skeleton



Mary Ann Bevan ~ The Homliest Woman in the World



The true magick of art is the discovery of the sublime within the mundane, the beautiful within the grotesque, the light within the darkness and all those reversed.


Andy Paciorek ~ imagery & words:

Drawn mainly to the worlds of myth, folklore, symbolism, decadence, curiosa, anomaly, dark romanticism and otherworldly experience, and fascinated both by the beautiful and the grotesque and the twilight threshold consciousness where these boundaries blur. The mist-gates, edges and luminal zones where nature borders supernatural and daydreams and nightmares cross paths are of great inspiration.

Andy has produced work for numerous outlets including Harper-Collins and Bizarre.


Artwork posted here with the permission of Andy Paciorek copyright all rights reserved


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