Pickled Punks & Anatomical Wonders


Are they Real or are they from the

Paul Sugiuchi Collection?


Paul was born in Cleveland Ohio, but now hangs out in California.  He credits his talent to his parents, Betty and George and was inspired by and grew up idolizing Dick Smith and Ray Harryhausen,


Paul studied film in college and kicked around for awhile after, then went into construction. In the beginning film became an interest for him.  After first seeing Ray Harryhausen, he began sculpting clay figures to create stop-motion animation.

At the age of 10 Paul  went to a drive-in movie swap-meet paid .50 cents went in a mobile trailer and  seen a real "Pickled Punk" for the first time. "That was 10 packs of gum back then" he said.  It made a real impact on him, at the age of 15 or 16 years old, he made a latex 2-headed baby. After making his first plaster mold in clay he cast a "Rubber Bouncer" not know what it was called at the time. Paul remember the film developer that printed his photographs asking his parents if it was "Real?"

Paul have been interested in the "Unusual" all of his life.  He has been inspired by images from the Mutter Museum and such people as Mark Frierson and other gaff makers creations...He says "I love it all".

Paul said "After so many years of working my day job, It is wonderful to have fulfilled my dream to sculpt and have people appreciate my work. The best thing is finding others who have similar interests, It makes me feel a connection". I've always worried that my "Bio" may have read, "a guy that never fulfilled his dreams. but now....even if it's for 15 minutes, I'll always have  good memories".


Paul said when he goes to that great midway in the sky, "There isn't going to be a box,  I'm going to be cremated and......you guessed it....put in a jar." 


Old showmen never die they just go on exhibition!

Paul's creations are life like, just like the guy who ask his parents if it was "Real?"

They look as if the were born alive, so step right this way, you are about to see wonders from the Paul Sugiuchi Collection.


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