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So you just bought an original classic aged sideshow banner and you are now realizing the walls in your home are not tall enough to properly display it??  


That was my case with a Fred Johnson banner I recently acquired over the winter.


After the banner arrived I presented it to L Cleo Mullins of Richmond Conservation Studio of Richmond, VA ( for advice on preservation and storage.  Cleo is one of the principles of the studio and holds a graduate degree in the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and has over 30 years experience in the field.  They are Professional Associates of the American Institute of Conservation and their clients include numerous public and private institutions and individuals.   


After initially advising to leave the red patchwork that had bled through to the front of the banner alone, here are their recommendations for the storage of a sideshow banner. 





The materials you will need are acid free glassine paper (I purchased on line from Utrecht Art Supply), bubble wrap,  packaging tape, and a roll big enough to wrap the banner around (I used PVC pipe from Home Depot that I cut to length.



The first thing you do is lay your banner face up on a flat surface and cut enough layers of glassine paper to cover the banner with extra on the edges. 



After you have done that, remove the banner and lay the glassine paper on the floor.  Then lay the banner face down on the glassine paper.  



You then take your tube and slowly wrap the banner around it.



After have totally wrapped up the banner around the tube you than wrap it all with a nice layer of bubble wrap.  


Then you can make yourself some hooks out of wood and hang it on a wall or some similar fashion like a bicycle rack (I have not gotten to that step yet!!)


The glassine paper protects the banner from further damage after years of the ravages of sideshow life and by having it rolled up facing outwards instead of inwards relieves the paint from additional stress and possible deterioration.







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