There are high-detail life sculptors out there who provide an awesome caliber of realism; sculpture so life-like that even under the closest scrutiny you expect it to move. This kind of art requires the mastery of many mediums, and while I strive to achieve that mastery, realism is secondary to the focus of the work. I want to tell wild stories in a single three-dimensional portrait and literally flesh out a biography with hair, clothing, trinkets, teeth and fingernails, etc. To me, what is most important is to create "the character" first and foremost, because all of the special effects in the world can't save you if you start with a lousy script.

- Tom Kuebler


After two and a half decades of working in the corporate world of toy design prototypes and bringing robots to life in the animatronics field, Thomas Kuebler opted to explore his full creative potential as a freelance artist. Armed with the tools of his trade, a supportive wife, and the odd inhabitants of his own personal fiction, he set forth on a new mission to bring the world inside his head to life. His award-winning silicone character sculptures range in venue from museums to private collections to the offices of DC Comics and have been featured in publications such as Spectrum and Rue Morgue. Kuebler and his wife currently reside in North Carolina.




Unless otherwise noted, all pieces on exhibit below are life-size, multi-media sculptures featuring real hair, clothing, and props.  You will not find any actors in make-up, alive or otherwise, on this page.  Every character is the creation of Tom Kuebler and an absolute one-of-a-kind or limited edition piece.


Not all of Tom's artwork presented here have a Sideshow theme, but you will find them to be Amazing

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Cletus and Shorty  Johnny Eck  Koo-Koo


                  Kewpie and the Beast                                                            "Schlitzie"                                                Tribute to Simon "Schlitzie" Metz,   



The Show Must Go On! Hans Koo-Koo



The Puppeteer Doctor Baltus Bagoon! Madame Orba

Newest Images

Illuxcon 2010  




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