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The midway after all is an odd place to work every day, where the smell of frying fat fill the air where people expect something exotic and exciting, where the voice of the talkers and the canned happy music call out to us to step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and see the one0and-only, the world-famous, the live-before-your-very-eyes original, gen-u-wine America carnival.


And if you don't watch out, the life can take hold of you. You need a wondering spirit and that show-must-go-on determination that you are caught up in a spectacle, a culture greater than yourself.  If it's what you want, it can be great.


But if this isn't the life that you hope for, then the carnival can grind you into the mud of a thousand forgotten fairgrounds.  It can leave you rootless, lost and sad.  Inside the slanted prism of a carny's life, the rest of the world can look out of balance and not quite real - a little like, well, a sideshow.


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